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Why our customers love Quinyx

Transforming the workday with Rituals

Local managers can quickly create efficient schedules for their respective stores, and quickly adapt to changes in their schedule due to absence.

  • Translating sales targets and the targets we set for our stores into shifts per hour

  • Real time knowledge for personal costs and shift data

  • Workforce management software that helps the team transforming stores every day

Starbucks clocks up 98% usage of Quinyx app

“Scheduling used to take four hours, now it takes 30 minutes. Quinyx is a great complementary addition to our existing engagement tools.”

  • Starbucks uses Quinyx in its 360 equity (company-owned) stores, the majority of which are in the UK.

  • While the Excel we’d previously used was an intelligent system, it relied on manual input from partners, hence the big time savings we’re seeing now.

  • Using the Quinyx app is fun and super simple. Partners can easily request time off - for a holiday, a medical appointment, family time, and so on – and they can use it to message the team and say when they’re available.

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Hear from our customers

“Quinyx fits perfectly into that strategy. It is cloud and more than that, they are a pure player in workforce management.”
Nico Wartenbergh


"Quinyx has helped with understaffing issues. The tool provides a clear visualisation of potential discrepancies that managers can easily identify and correct."

Bart de Vreese



"The ability to accurately forecast is absolutely key for us in order to provide a safe and effective service"

Yvonne Taylor



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