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Time & Attendance

Forget the endless paperwork! Keep track of labour costs, avoid payday errors by setting automated rules for clocking in and out and manage leave and absence with a few clicks.
With our top-rated mobile application, frontline workers have everything in place to ensure their paycheck is accurate and on-time.
Time tracking

Enable no-fuss time clocking and tracking

Configure company-based rules to ensure correct pay runs and get real-time visibility into attendance. 

  • Simply clock in and out via our top-rated mobile app, web or smart watch.

  • Prevent buddy punching with geo-punching, RFID tags and photo capturing.

  • Get warnings about late, early, break or other deviating punches and understand why they took place with comments left by employees.

absence management

Manage absence and find replacements in a flash

  • Employees can easily request leave and provide details so you always know who is off, for how long, and the reason why.

  • Get an overview of all absent employees and get warnings when trying to schedule absent employees.

  • Quickly see which employees are available to grab a shift with our scheduling solution.

HR and payroll integrations

Streamline payroll and ensure accurate pay checks

Stay on top of break-time compliance. Pay the right premiums when they are due and integrate with your existing payroll system.

  • Get better visibility on actual hours versus scheduled hours and allow employees to attest their timesheets before doing final checks.

  • Automate calculations for premiums on meal breaks, bank holidays, unsocial time and overtime and avoid breaking any regulations.

  • Integrate with your HR and payroll systems for a seamless process, beginning to end.

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