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Time and Attendance

On time, on board? On it! Track time, attendance & costs with Quinyx, and say goodbye to errors, administration & messed-up payroll files.
Experience fully integrated time reporting and absence management. Your employees can even punch in and out directly on their smartphones.

Shrink the paper pile

With Quinyx, your employees can punch in and out of work seamlessly via our mobile-first app or on-premises device. They'll love you for it! Result? Accurate data & an empowered, delighted workforce.

Get a hold of time – in real time

Get full visibility of worked hours and associated costs. Manage time & attendance with accurate time sheets and payroll files – thanks to our intuitive system. Reduce the time and costs associated with staffing. Image-capture worked hours – in real time; swiftly & effectively. Also, put an end to "buddy punching" in or out.

Perfect payroll files, every time.

You can now get accurate time and attendance sheets that are approved easily and swiftly. With Quinyx's export payroll files and open API, payroll can be processed with any payroll provider.

Quinyx is like Spotify because it has such good functionality, it’s easy to use and it’s logical.
Therese Klingwall
Store Manager, GANT

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