Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum is one of northern Europe's most visited museums with a whopping 1.3 million visitors a year and up to ten thousand visitors a day during the high season. This makes the museum one of Stockholm’s biggest and most popular tourist attractions.

Vasa Museum is one of northern Europe's most visited museums with a whopping 1.3 million visitors a year and up to ten thousand visitors a day during the high season. This makes the museum one of Stockholm’s biggest and most popular tourist attractions. And that was noticeable when we met Peter Rydebjörk, Guide Manager at the museum, outside the entrance on a cloudy Friday morning. Visitors and tourist groups were waiting in long lines to enter the museum.

Seeing the famous ship and discovering the history behind it is the main draw for visitors. The museum is number nine on Tripadvisor’s top 25 list of museums you should visit all over the world. Also, it’s the only non-art museum on the list.

The busiest time for the museum is in the summer when there’s the highest number of tourists in the city. When the amount of tourists rise, so does the visitor count for the museum and the people needed to handle tours and visitors. This means that they need more employees who work by the hour compared to the rest of the year.The number can be as many as eighty during the high season.

We joined Peter for a cup of coffée in his office to talk more about how Quinyx is affecting his everyday work.

Our Solution

What challenges did you face before implementing Quinyx?

“We made a huge leap when I joined back in 2007 when we switched from using a word processor to spreadsheets. This was a big help in making sure the right amount of people were scheduled to work each day. On the other hand we had problems with the fact  the schedules were outdated very fast and we had to send out various versions of schedules which led to misunderstandings and employees not showing up on their shift. It was also difficult to plan ahead and listen to employees wishes. When we switched to Quinyx we were able to plan in a whole different way, being able to schedule more than a month in advance instead of creating a schedule for just one week. We also got rid of a lot of the confusion around filling vacant shifts or swapping employees shifts. Another problemt we had was communication. I work office hours and most of our employees are students working extra and are attending school while I’m working which made it difficult for me to contact them.”

Why did you choose Quinyx?

“Because it was attractive and modern! We have several other programs for other purposes providing us with great functionality but looked like they were from the early 90s. Quinyx combine functionality with a very attractive interface which makes it modern and user friendly.”

How did the transition from old systems to Quinyx go?

“Obviously we needed a transition period so we didn’t just jump into Quinyx right away. So we were all ready for the storm to come after we had sent out the schedules for the first time. But it never came, it was all quiet and we could see staff, one by one, logging into Quinyx, approving their schedules. Everything was up and running before we knew it and without any need of assistance from Quinyx. It went incredibly smoothly.”

How do you perceive the contact you’ve had with Quinyx support?

“Good! Something that is very nice is that we haven’t had much contact with the support at all, which usually is a good sign. It has been both professional and friendly whenever we’ve had to contact them.”



How has your work changed since implementing Quinyx?

“The biggest difference, perhaps particularly for the employees, is that Quinyx is always present thanks to the app. Before Quinyx you had to check your phone, computer and a paper sheet. Today everything is accessible in your phone and you can access it from anywhere.”

What are the biggest benefits with Quinyx according to you?

“First and foremost there is the time we’ve saved through using Quinyx. Earlier I had to allocate probably 40-50% of my time to scheduling. Since we implemented Quinyx that number is less than half of what it used to be which is a major relief for me. Another great benefit is that the employees feel more empowered by the fact that they have greater control of their schedules and working hours by being able to swap shifts and not having to hassle us every time which is something they really appreciate.”




How is your relation to Quinyx?

“Great! Just as with the support we don’t have a lot of contact with Quinyx which is a sign that we’re not experiencing a lot of problems.”

Do you have any specific visions for the museum?>

“We want to provide our visitors with as much freedom as possible. There’s a lot of different guides, audioguides and information on the website that we want the visitors to choose freely from since all visitors come here for different reasons. We also have plans on creating a 3D-positioning of the museum that can work as a virtual guide and a similar solution as modern map functions where you can walk freely in the museum.”

Would you recommend Quinyx to friends or similar organisations?

“Absolutely, and this is something that I’ve already done!”

Thank you Peter for taking the time to answer our questions and we hope that our cooperation in the future is as smooth as it is now.


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