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3 workforce management takeaways for a successful summer

Summer is a tough time of year for businesses. On the one hand, for many it’s the busiest time of the year while, on the other, businesses have to ..

Summer is a tough time of year for businesses. On the one hand, for many it’s the busiest time of the year while, on the other, businesses have to cope with large numbers of staff taking vacations.


Last week we looked at how good planning and preparation can help reduce the impact of key staff being out of the office. The article is full of useful tips for individuals to help them prepare for being on vacation but there’s still plenty businesses can learn, especially those who use a workforce management solution.

And if your business is at its busiest during the summer then being prepared for the season is a must. Across Europe, we typically see peaks in summer business when it comes to attractions, hotels, restaurants, bars and airports. The travel, leisure and tourism industry booms through the summer with businesses seeing more customers, employing more staff and enjoying greater turnover.

Innovative and forward-thinking companies are managing their workforces more effectively in order to maximise the potential of their busiest season. Good workforce management is about getting the right people, in the right place, at the right time, doing the right task. This is particularly important within travel, leisure and tourism where there are high numbers of seasonal staff, all with different staffing agreements.

Here are three ways they are doing it:

Scheduling in advance

Scheduling in advance is great for the business and for the employees. Employees know when they are working so can plan their lives around when they need to work while businesses know they have their shifts covered. It’s easy to do with Quinyx, in fact some our customers, like GANT, go so far as to schedule the whole year in advance. From a manager’s perspective, especially one who is taking a vacation, having the schedule complete ahead of time will bring peace of mind as well as an element of risk management.

Staying proactive

Scheduling in advance lays a solid foundation but true optimisation comes when schedules are proactive in relation to the demands of the business. Summer is a great example of this, especially for weather dependent businesses. The Mary Rose Museum enjoys far greater visitor numbers through the summer which peak when it’s a rainy day. By using Quinyx they are easily able to schedule more staff if it’s required, making shifts available for employees with the right skillset to claim.

Strong communication

One of the best things about using an integrated workforce management solution is its ability to revolutionise communication in the workplace. With apps for managers and employees, keeping everyone informed of what is happening and when it’s happening is as easy as the push of a button. It means that, if they need to, manager’s can see what’s happening at their store in real-time even if they are on vacation and employees always know when they are working and where they need to be. The ability to communicate well becomes even more important when key team members are away from the office.

Scheduling better, reacting accordingly to business needs and communicating well will ensure that everyone can enjoy summer, whether that means going away on vacation or enjoying the busiest time of the year.

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