5 simple ways to get more from your staff

by | 07.10.2014
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Discover how you can increase your workforce’s productivity with these 5 simple tips.

According to a study released by the University of Warwick in March 2014, a happy workforce is a more productive workforce.

Experiments carried out by economists showed that happy employees work harder and are around 12% more productive. Having a workforce that feel like they are invested in and enjoy work can reap huge rewards for any business.

There are many way to do this but here’s a great starting point:


People love communication. Even when they say they don’t. As humans, our ability for complex communications are what define us. Staff that are communicated to on a regular basis in a clear way will feel like they are part of the company and not just another cog in the machine.

Say Thanks

Two words can make the world of difference Saying thank you to employees is a sure fire way to increase happiness. Show them that you care about them and you value their work and they will give more back to you and your business.


By listening to employees and giving them a platform where their voices can be heard you are creating an environment that fosters happiness. Everyone is unique. Everyone has a desire to be heard. Everyone wants to be valued. Give employees a voice and they will repay your investment.

Enjoy Work

Google did it with a slide. Dropbox have yoga classes. Spotify have bands play in their HQ. What will you do? We don’t all have the budget to bring in an international rock-band for an intimate acoustic office session. But we all have the power to do something extra for our employees. It could be a Foodie Friday, regular team building days or some free tech. Whatever it is, the marginal cost will lead to a maximum return.


Inspirational leadership will filter through the rest of the workforce. Not everyone is Steve Jobs but all managers have the ability to inspire either through example or by creating a cutting-edge working environment that is always ahead of the game. Set your bar high and work with your employees to reach it. Then once you get there, raise it again.

Go the extra mile

Better workforce management happens online and offline. An online workforce management system will give you the platform to facilitate all of the above. Then you put all the theory into practice by creating an environment for your workforce that promotes happiness and productivity.

It's time to do things differently

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