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6 myths about Workforce Management

Investing in workforce management software is a new idea for many businesses and like anything new it can often be faced with resistance. Change in ..

Investing in workforce management software is a new idea for many businesses and like anything new it can often be faced with resistance.

Change in any company is always difficult to implement and comes with questions, uncertainty and an element of fear. When it comes to workforce management, we’ve seen how it’s revolutionised the way many businesses work; saving them time, saving them money and increasing their productivity.

One of the most exciting results a workforce management solution generates, no matter what industry it’s used in, is a better experience for the end user. This has a huge knock-on effect to customer satisfaction which in turn is the biggest driver for better business.

The benefits of a workforce management solution are huge, that’s why we want to dispel some of the myths surrounding it.

Time and again we hear the following when there is resistance to investing in a workforce management solution…


It takes up too much time

This couldn’t be further from the truth. After the initial set-up, companies using workforce management typically have 7 to 12 extra hours for their managers each week. This is essentially ‘free’ time and leads to a significant uplift in productivity.


It’s just a way to create schedules

Yes, scheduling is a big part of workforce management but alongside this a good workforce management solution will solve the headaches associated with the time and attendance, task management and forecast planning of your staff. It will give you the freedom to control your workforce from anywhere, at anytime while becoming more productive and more efficient.


It can be done already with a spreadsheet

There are many things to love about a good spreadsheet but using it as a workforce management system isn’t one of them. Scheduling, time management and forecasting on a spreadsheet is more prone to errors and takes up unnecessary time. Ditch the spreadsheet and you’ll see an immediate impact on your business.


It’s only for big companies

While large companies have been swift to see the benefits of a workforce management system, small to medium sized businesses are also in line for great rewards. Start-ups and dynamic businesses are using better workforce management to respond to their business needs in real-time ensuring they keep the edge over their competition.


It’s too hard to implement

Legacy systems may have been difficult to implement and maintain however cloud-based workforce management systems are always up to date, can be accessed from anywhere and are super easy to use and maintain.


It won’t generate a return on investment

The majority of businesses start seeing a return within the first 3 months of using a workforce management system. It improves productivity and efficiency. This means it saves on cost while at the same time helping you generate more revenue. The ROI is always healthy when it comes to workforce management.

We believe in putting the right people, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time. This, for us, is what workforce management is. We help match skills to needs, improve customer satisfaction, lower costs, improve morale and reduce staff attrition.

We’re driven by the belief that management of staff can be made much more efficient and fun!

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