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Why AI isn't scary

Wouldn’t it be great if we could take the headache from scheduling away? Here are five ways AI can help you make life at work easier.

In recent years, the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) has grown louder, with businesses exploring its potential for revolutionizing the way we work. At Quinyx, we've integrated AI into our DNA to create solutions that enhance decision-making, reveal patterns beyond human capability, and free us from labor-intensive tasks. The result?
A transformation that stands to benefit millions of workers worldwide, from the frontlines to HQ.

How AI can benefit you (yes, it really can!)
AI-driven Workforce Management (WFM) can transform your business operations, making work-life easier and more efficient.

Here are five ways how AI can help you make life at work easier and at least take the headache from scheduling away.


Save time and headaches with AI-driven scheduling

With AI, creating and optimizing for you, scheduling becomes a breeze. Starting with hyper-precise demand forecasts that have taken on all your historical data, as well as any contextual data, you know you have the best base to start scheduling. With that demand curve, AI can quickly create and assign shifts based on your business’ and employees’ needs.

Aiming for cost savings? Shifts will be created to cover the absolute minimum of your demand. Want to provide superior customer service? AI can just as quickly create schedules with full-demand coverage and with the most highly skilled people in place. If you thought scheduling was a cumbersome task, AI scheduling can make it feel like a breeze.


Hyper precision with next-level demand forecastings

Where you have people involved, precise staffing is crucial. Demand forecasts made by AI are created using all of your historical data as well as any relevant contextual data. This, is to predict future customer demand with unprecedented accuracy for each and every one of your locations. This simply means you're always staffed right when you need to, wherever your business is located.


Always compliant with labor laws

AI-driven WFM ensures schedules adhere to your local rules, contractual requirements and legislation changes. It's a real time-saver that puts you in control. Say goodbye to compliance worries, and trust that AI has your back.

The most flexible schedule wins

Frontline workers deserve flexibility and a decent work-life balance.  A good workforce management tool allows employees to set their availability and planners to simply schedule based on their availability, AI-driven scheduling or not. What matters is that despite constant changes, automated scheduling can help you iterate on those changes and quickly create new schedules.


Fairer Schedules as Standard

Optimizing schedules for fairness, performance, and cost is a priority for most of us. One of the rules recently added to Quinyx to create fairer schedules is to fulfill contract hours relatively equally between employees. This means that several people will get 80% contract hour fulfillment instead of some getting 100% while others get 60%. So no more feelings of shortcoming or being overworked due to unfair scheduled shifts.


At last

Prioritizing frontline needs has far-reaching benefits. An AI-powered WFM solution creates optimal working conditions, reducing staff turnover, increasing productivity, and maintaining a competitive edge. It's more than just technology—it's a human-centered approach to making work 'just work' for everyone.

Want to know more about AI-driven WFM? Then we recommend you dig deeper into all the possibilities with our “Short, but all-you-need-to-know, Guide on AI-driven WFM”.


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