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Automating key processes with better workforce management

One of the biggest benefits of a workforce management solution is being able to automate key processes involved with running a business. Not only ..

One of the biggest benefits of a workforce management solution is being able to automate key processes involved with running a business.

Not only does this automation save time for both managers and employees, it also means there’s less chance of human error causing something to go wrong. Every business faces the dual challenge of wanting to operate better while at the same time delivering more to their customers. Automating labour intensive administrative functions with a workforce management solution is a simple and easy way of doing this.

The most common processes which can be automated are:

  • Time and attendance
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Absence management
  • Labour analytics

And the benefit of automation is immediately felt, as Therese Klingwall, store manager at GANT, who use Quinyx as their workforce management solution explains.

“We’ve noticed a huge difference as soon as we started using Quinyx,” she says. “We now automate our scheduling, time reporting and payroll. It’s now web-based and all in one place so it saves me time every week and is much easier to use.”

“It means I can spend more time in the store rather than in the office so I have more time with my employees and our customers. Each week I only spend a day in the office now where I used to spend two.”

Customers also stand to benefit from companies who automate core processes. The Aberdeen Group studied organisations in the hospitality and retail sector and found retail those with fully automated time and attendance solutions not only used the capacity of their workforce more effectively but also saw a 5% increase in customer satisfaction compared to those organisations with partially automated or manual time and attendance solutions. The study states being able to deliver the right employee to the right customer is the critical factor in the increase in customer satisfaction.

Yet even with the double impact improved automation brings, many businesses are still slow to adopt new technology. Historically, the deployment and implementation of workforce management solutions has been a long process. However, with cloud-based solutions it’s now easier than ever before for businesses to start using a workforce management tool and improve the way they run their business.

This is backed up by a report released by Markets & Research last week which finds global demand for workforce management tools is expected to witness accelerated growth in the next 5 years due to “emerging cloud services and enhancement in work dynamics.”

They say the catalyst behind this growth is both an improved awareness of the power of a workforce management solution and the benefit it brings alongside hassle-free setups when it comes to implementing the solution.

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