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How a Museum Made an Amazing Visitor Experience Using Quinyx

The Mary Rose Museum is one of the UK’s most popular and famous museums, telling the story of the 16th century Tudor warship, Mary Rose, the crew who ..

The Mary Rose Museum is one of the UK’s most popular and famous museums, telling the story of the 16th century Tudor warship, Mary Rose, the crew who sailed her and the thousands of artefacts recovered from her.

The new museum has welcomed more than a million visitors since it opened in 2013 and has used Quinyx to help schedule and manage its staff in this time. Last year the museum undertook a planned closure of its main attraction in order to undergo an extraordinary transformation of its visitor experience.

When the museum reopens this summer, visitors will have unrestricted views of the Mary Rose, from bow to stern, from all 9-galleries of the museum; something they’ve never had before. While the work is taking place to replace the walls with glazing, the museum has continued to offer a small exhibition on site as well as taking a ‘pop-up’ museum on tour across the UK.

Managing employees across multiple sites during this period of transition has brought with it a unique set of challenges. Visitor Operations Manager, James Rodliff, says this is where using Quinyx has significantly helped him manage the museum’s workforce.

“Being able to use the mobile manager function in the Quinyx app has been a huge help,” he says. “With our pop-up museum touring the south of England and a temporary exhibition at the museum itself our scheduling has been very different and using Quinyx has been invaluable."

“When I’ve been away from the office with the pop-up museum I’ve still been able to use Quinyx to manage our staff. I was granting leave requests and shift allocations from the inside of a tent in a Tudor castle in Gloucestershire!”

James says that once the extensive work has been carried out at the museum they are expecting a big influx of visitors to the museum. Being able to ensure everything runs smoothly is key to providing them with an amazing experience.

They’ll be using Quinyx to manage a large pool of workers, including many students and part-time employees, to ensure they right people are in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing.

James added: “Through using Quinyx we can make sure shifts are filled much quicker, we don’t have to phone around when shifts become available and we’re able to plan far in advance which also helps us forecast what resources we’re going to need."

“Quiynx always saves me time when I’m planning and scheduling, gives me peace of mind in knowing shifts are covered and provides vital two-way feedback between me and my staff.”

By being able to plan in advance, easily schedule and manage staff, and make better decisions with the data from Quinyx, the team at the Mary Rose Museum are able to save huge amounts of time on a regular basis.

Through optimising the way they manage their workforce they are able to focus on providing an exceptional service for their customers, something that’s integral for James and his team.

“Customer Service is at the very heart of everything we do at the Mary Rose Museum,” he says. “We ask the question ‘does it benefit our visitors?’ to ourselves every time we make changes or consider our future strategy. The museum has had a tradition of delivering excellent service which was evident through the wonderful feedback we have received through online media and also internally through survey we carry out in-house.”

The museum re-launch in the summer of 2016 looks set to be spectacular and it will bring together a world-class attraction with a forward-thinking team, dedicated to delivering an incredible experience to their visitors.


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