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by | 30.09.2014
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Here’s how you can combine business management functions to reduce costs and increase productivity.

It used to be the case that every aspect of business was a stand alone entity. Scheduling, payroll, internal communication, time management, budgeting and forecasting have all been identified by business leaders as areas where greater synergy is needed.

360-degree management is redefining the boundaries for how business models operate.

The best systems are integrating all the fundamental aspects of business management, giving a 360-degree view of all the core business elements. Not only are they providing management and staff with an intuitive user interface, they are redefining the boundaries for how business models operate.



The best systems are doing it by focussing on the following benefits:

An App For Everything

You know that great idea you’ve got for an app? The one you wish you could build? Well, the chances are the kids learning code today will be able to build it for you. Soon there really will be an app for everything. Through app-based systems, better business management is empowering employees and giving them a holistic investment in the company they work for.

These apps make life easy for employees and for management.

No down time

Cloud computing is playing a vital role in future proofing businesses. Integrated management systems that are cloud based allows the model to be infinitely scalable, reliable and provide a real-time overview of what is happening in a business. Cost can be managed based on business demands and needs.

In simple terms, a cloud based system reduces risk and drives down cost.

Top-down view

Integrated systems can provide information that’s integral to business analysis in real-time. Want a forecast that will show you what happens if you don’t bring in another member of staff to cover an absence? Then there is software that will tell you. With this top-down view you can save money for your business by reducing your direct costs and increasing the efficiency of workforce.

In short, a better business management tool will let you:

  • Create optimised schedules
  • Distribute tasks automatically
  • Report time online, through an app and through time clocks
  • Keep track of customers, sales and costs
  • Forecast more effectively
  • Communicate with ease

And with everything in the cloud you have access to all the information, anytime, anywhere.

It's time to do things differently

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