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Workforce Management Solution: Why Customer Support is Needed

Okay, so you want to invest in a tool that allows you to increase your ability to track different metrics in your organisation, plan ahead, reach ..

Okay, so you want to invest in a tool that allows you to increase your ability to track different metrics in your organisation, plan ahead, reach your company goals, increase ROI, keep your workforce happier and more. Sounds good right? But what if something unexpected happens? What if your brand new vehicle for success and efficiency has an engine failure? Would you know how to fix it, and how long would it take?

With years of insight from both customers and the development team, the value of dedicated and passionate customer support simply cannot be overstated, especially when dealing with a product capable of propelling your organisation light years ahead of your competition.

Here’s three reasons why good customer support should be important when you choose your workforce management solution.


People matter

With the ever-quickening pace of technology, a developing trend over the past few years is people like to deal with people, not just faceless corporations. This means the human element is valued at a higher level than previously - and who is likely to be your first line of contact if you have questions regarding how to use the product? Customer service.

Not only could a dedicated and people-centric customer support help you keep problems at arms length by having people who understand the technical side of things, but it could also help you get a clearer understanding of the issue and the solution by framing it in a way that makes sense for you as an individual.


Better employee retention, less bad reviews

Over the last few years the need for good customer service has expanded, not in small part because of the rise of social media, where it’s easier than ever for dissatisfied customers to leave negative feedback for the world to see. Not only is the potential feedback available to a wider audience, but it is now posted nearly instantaneously, leaving a company with little to no time to try and rectify the situation.

One of the key elements of a WFM-solution is to optimize your organisational workflow. By making sure your workforce is happy and things are running smooth, you have a better chance to foster loyalty in your staff and, as a result, increase employee retention. It also minimizes the odds of them leaving a bad review of you as an employer, should they eventually decide to leave. Good customer support can help you keep the bits and pieces tightly in place, decreasing downtime (in worst case scenarios) of a problem, meaning less time for employees to be irritated when something doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.


The right people in the right place

Obviously, for anyone truly committed to "making an impact” it's imperative to realize the sheer importance of rock-solid customer service. It's not just about the customer always being right. It's about treating your customers like you would treat your family. That means employing the right people for the job, someone who really has your best interest at heart, and who doesn't talk down to you or is looking for any possible way to extract more money. Ideally, by going out of their way for you and providing enormous amounts of value in the process.

To achieve this, it begins with having people passionate about their jobs, who enjoy the ins and outs of what it means to be in a customer-driven line of work.


How we do it

At Quinyx, great customer support has always been integral to our offering. Our customer support team are:

  • Armed with expert-knowledge spanning across the entire Quiniverse;
  • Have a can-do attitude and infectious enthusiasm;
  • Always available to face any challenges you might have - whether it’s related to staff, scheduling, forecasting, or more.

“The customer support at Quinyx is great. They’re fast, friendly, always reachable and have very educated answers. It’s the best support I’ve ever had contact with.”
Quinyx Customer in an online review


Our mission is to create a better life for millions of people by improving their work lives. We want to see happy employees, happy customers, and happy businesses. And we believe having fantastic customer support is a key component in helping us achieve this.

To summarize, when you’re investing in new software - whether it’s workforce management software or any other business optimization tool - do your research and find out how comprehensive the customer support is.

Because wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re in safe hands when things don’t go to plan? To have that friend, more than willing to go the extra mile, all while focusing on the task and giving you tips on how to optimize your daily usage of the platform?

Check out the Gartner's 2019 Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications to help you find the best workforce management solution for your needs, plan your workforce management strategy and get a detailed insight into the future of the industry.


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