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How a sparkle of Christmas magic helped Santa save Christmas

It was late in the autumn when we received the fateful phone call from Santa himself...


There’s barely a person on the planet who didn't feel the impact from the events of 2020. Thousands of events and celebrations were postponed and even the North Pole was hit by the pandemic, creating the very real risk that Christmas would be cancelled. Here's the story about how Santa saved the Christmas of 2020.

It was late in the autumn when we received the fateful phone call from Santa himself. His workforce of elves, he told us, had been decimated by the pandemic. Hundreds were sick and hundreds more were isolating. His struggle was real. He needed an extra helping of Christmas magic to make sure he could get the right people into the right place at the right time - and ensure all the toys were made and ready to be delivered in time for the big day.

Thankfully, we had a pocketful of magic we were able to share with Santa.

We caught up with him over fika to hear his story…

“I’ve never known a year like it,” he told us. “It even reached the point where we had to close the workshop. This has never happened!

“We had so many staff shortages that we reached the point where the reindeer weren’t getting their exercise, toys were getting missed from lists and no one was ever in the right place, I knew something had to change. So I went looking for help and that’s when I found Quinyx.

“The tool they gave me changed my life and, it’s safe to say, it probably saved Christmas".

"I’m new to all these techy things, but my team of TechElves helped us to download a magic app across all our elfPhones. It was a true game changer".

“You see, together we were able to put a dash of Christmas magic inside the app and it was like I had my very own assistant. It would tell me what elves I needed to schedule, when I needed to schedule them, and what they needed to do when they were working. All it took from me was a push of the button".

"I’m told it’s something called artificial intelligence but, I know what magic is when I see it, and this is definitely magic".

“The situation was changing so quickly so we needed a simple way to communicate so everyone knew what was happening. The app revolutionized this. The elves love it too. They now get their schedules sent straight to their elfPhones and can manage when they are working through it and, if they’re sick, they can easily change shifts and filling empty shifts happens automatically - you’ve no idea what a relief it was for me. It’s easy for me, it’s easy for them and it means we can do even more for everyone who loves Christmas".

“These young elves want more flexibility too which this has given them. They’ve always loved their work but this has let them enjoy work even more. They get a better work-life balance and they all feel even closer to the Christmas spirit".

“As for me, I’ve saved so much time I’ve been able to focus on key areas of Christmas that were being neglected. My sleigh has now been reconditioned, the workshop has had an upgrade and I think the experience we’ll be delivering this year will be the best yet - at a time when people need it the most.”

By working smarter and harnessing the power AI-driven WFM software, Santa and his team were able to work more effectively, be more productive, bust time-intensive admin, and do it all with engaged elves.

Of course it is entirely up to you, whether you believe in Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Jultomten, Julenissen, Weihnachtsmann or any of the other names you might know him by.

What we do hope, is that you’re enjoying the holidays, wherever you are, and you have a successful and prosperous New Year. And let us all hope for a hopeful 2021.

Happy Holidays from the Quinyx Team

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