How to improve customer satisfaction

by | 15.09.2015
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How we manage and use time, more often than not, helps define how successful we are, both as individuals and as businesses. The most successful and respected people are those who, even when working under extreme pressure, always have time in their hands.

We know that companies who use workforce management software save time each and every day. Time is a resource. It’s arguably one of the most precious resources we have in business and it comes in a finite supply.

To make levels of customer satisfaction soar, we need to allocate the right amount of time to delivering a fantastic service, product and experience to our customers.

A study by the Aberdeen Group found companies using workforce management software saw a 20% increase in customer facing time among their managers which in turn lead to a 5% increase in customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is so important because it leads to word of mouth recommendations (still the most powerful marketing channel), higher levels of retained business (it’s much easier to keep a current customer than find a new one), it builds brand loyalty and it serves as a point of differentiation to set you apart from the competition.

Happy, loyal and satisfied customers are the true barometer of success for any company. Investing in workforce management software helps companies achieve this as do the following tips:

Customer satisfaction is everyone’s responsibility

Bigger companies may have separate departments dedicated to customer satisfaction however, in reality, every employee is responsible for making customers happy. Adopt a customer-first mentality and ensure your product is of such a quality that it delivers a fantastic experience for the customer in and of itself.

Make your customers your fans

Happy customers are our best brand advocates and when they fall in love with the product and the business they are in the best position to share this love. Whether it’s through case studies or testimonials or taking to social media to share a positive experience, creating fans out of customers will only benefit your business.

Show understanding

We’ve all been in that place where you have to call a customer support team with a problem. The one thing we’re all looking for is understanding. Understand your customers problems, show them empathy and provide them with a solution. Whatever happens, make sure they go away happy.


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