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Meet our Product Director Sammy Walton

While many of you have taken some well deserved holiday, our product team has been busy finalizing a ton of new and improved features - and they have also got a new leader starting this summer. I took the chance to ask Sammy a couple of questions so you all get to know him better.

Over the summer our product team has been very busy finalizing a bunch of new and improved features - and we also recently recruited a brand new product lead. I took the chance to welcome Sammy and ask a couple of questions.

WHO IS Sammy WAlton?

I’m quite lucky to be someone that has moved around the world a fair amount, but how I ended up having a career in tech was more of an accident rather than a plan! I joined Quinyx about four and a half years ago and have been running the Global Engineering team for a majority of that time before moving onto the Product side to work alongside our CPO Carl, on the vision and strategy of the product. I seem to have spent most of my tech career bouncing back and forth between Sales and Product, but I think that gives me a unique perspective from each angle. I hold Quinyx values of simplicity, flexibility and engagement quite close and have a real passion for making something enjoyable to use without compromising on core functionality.

What does a Product Director do?

In this role I get to wear a few different hats - no day will ever be the same! As mentioned above, I will work alongside Carl on the Quinyx product vision and strategy, but I’ll also work very closely with all the product owners and ‘own’ the optimization area of the product, working on forecasting and auto scheduling areas of the software.

What can we expect from the Product Team?

Everyone in the product team is passionate about creating something worldclass. We love the challenge of creating a solution that's used across many industries across the globe. We have many career product owners with extensive knowledge of building a product, fantastic designers and a great data science team that helps us understand how our software is used and of course, no shortage of ideas! We’re also expanding our product and RnD teams this year to prepare for an action packed 2021. Our focus is building a WFM solution that offers compliance, intelligent functionality and an engaging user experience. We want our colleagues and our customers to experience our short and long term visions for the product, and we’ll be working on ways to bring this to the surface. We want to innovate in areas of automation and AI, centralized workflows and offer a proactive approach to WFM whilst staying true to our mantra of enjoy work!

Thanks Sammy, we look forward to seeing all these capabilities come to live in the platform. 



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