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Why Quinyx + Concrete are a perfect match

Quinyx welcomes new acquisition, Concrete, to the family as an addition to its WFM offering. 

Concrete Acquisition: Setting a new standard for a happy workforce.

Last year, we told you we were going to keep on raising the bar as to what’s possible with WFM.

Today, I’m delighted to tell you we haven’t just stepped into this frontier—we’ve leapt into it and embraced it with open arms.  

That’s why it gives me great pleasure to welcome our new acquisition Concrete to the Quinyx family as an addition to our WFM offering. 

Concrete is a long-term partner of ours. And we’re huge fans of their product, their ethos and the way Tristan (Concrete CEO) and his team go about their business. From the top down, Concrete has built an employee-centric culture that matches its market-leading product. They have a reputation for doing the right things for the right reasons and delivering on their promises—a big reason why they are a perfect fit for Quinyx.

And, in a relatively short space of time, Concrete has become synonymous with success in retail. 

Concrete enables brands to engage their store employees, streamline store operations, and increase the flow of communication between teams. They already serve some of the most exciting brands on the planet like Calvin Klein, Tory Burch, and Superdry.

With the ability to digitally connect managers, frontline workers, and HQs, our customers will reap the benefits across store performance, hourly workers’ flexibility, and engagement.

It’s the best kind of boost to our product offering and a great match. 

Enabling and empowering frontline workers is as much a part of our DNA as it is Concrete’s. I know our shared values, vision, and expertise will help even more organizations the world over revolutionize the way they optimize store operations and manage their frontline workers. 

I’d like to welcome everyone at Concrete to the Quinyx family. It's a true pleasure to have you here and we can’t wait to start working with you all.

I know together we’ll be setting a new standard for Workforce Management and employee engagement. Together, we’ll keep on raising the bar and dreaming big dreams. And we’ll keep on improving the work lives of millions of workers around the world every single day!

Erik Fjellborg
Founder & CEO

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