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Why simplicity and innovation go hand in hand with success

The best ideas are more often than not the most simple ones. The obvious solutions, the ones that are right in front of us, are usually the best and ..

The best ideas are more often than not the most simple ones. The obvious solutions, the ones that are right in front of us, are usually the best and the ones that generate the most success.

Simplicity and innovation go hand in hand. And while the complexity of the technology that sits behind solutions becomes more complex, it’s the solution itself that remains simple.

Look at the online giants like Google, eBay and Amazon. They offer a simple solution and use innovation to deliver it. With Google it’s searching and being able to find whatever it is you’re looking for in one click. For eBay it’s selling and an approach that has revolutionised the market place. The same applies to Amazon only this time it’s predominantly buying.

Success for all companies relies on them being able to have a simple offering, to stay focussed on that offering and not deviating from what it is that makes them great in the first place.

The same is true not just for what the company does but how they do it. We work with businesses across a whole range of industries who face very similar problems when it comes to managing people.


Habit is born out of tradition and for businesses as diverse as restaurants, hotels, retailers and gyms, tasks like scheduling and leave management have followed a similar pattern. Typically the solution has been spreadsheets of data which are often confusing and often changed after publication.

Not only is the solution itself inefficient but it the whole process ends up taking hours and hours of time each week; time which could be better off spent developing staff, growing the business or delivering more to customers.

With the launch of iTunes, Apple changed the way the world consumed music. It laid the ground works for companies like Spotify and Netflix to use complex technology to deliver a simple solution to an established problem.

In the same way, this is what workforce management software is doing scheduling, time management, budgeting and forecasting.

Instead of using complex methods and multiple systems, the best workforce management software uses simplicity and innovation to solve the problems. So now rotas can be run with the click of a button, shifts can be made open for any employee to take if they want them and leave requests can be sent from an app to the central system.

With everything under one roof the administration time decreases hugely, the paperwork disappears and life becomes simple. Those hours of time that we’re being spent on administrative tasks each week can now be used elsewhere in the business.

Simplicity and innovation lie at the heart of what we do at Quinyx. We want to help make life easier for you by taking away your pain when it comes to managing your staff.

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