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Juggling Responsibilities: Balancing Frontline Work and Parenthood

What’s life like for a working parent on the frontline? See how an all-in-one workforce management solution can help parents and their businesses find balance.

Being a frontline worker and parent can feel like a never-ending balancing act, and the demands of the job can often clash with the responsibilities of raising a family. However, there is a solution that can revolutionize the way frontline workers manage their schedules while fostering a healthy work-life balance: an all-in-one workforce management solution.  


The Daily Struggles of a Working Parent 

Frontline workers face unique obstacles when it comes to maintaining work-life balance. Irregular working hours, unpredictable shifts, and the constant pressure of providing critical services can take a toll on both the physical and mental well-being of workers. Add parenting responsibilities to the mix, and the challenges multiply exponentially. Balancing school pickups, doctors' appointments, and quality time becomes a constant juggling act that often leads to stress, burnout, and a sense of guilt. 


In cases where workers are unable to meet the various demands of work and family, the pressure often leads to them dropping out of the workforce entirely. And in industries, like retail, where women—who typically take on the bulk of child-rearing activities—and make up 52% of the workforce, the consequences of losing these workers can be hugely detrimental. 


The Power of Automated, Flexible Scheduling

But employers can proactively curb this loss of labor by implementing preventative measures that address the needs of their employees, so they can meet both their professional and personal obligations. 


The solution is implementing automated, flexible schedules that consider employees’ preferences for when they want to work, their availability, and even their skills, when creating work rosters. Leveraging this technology allows businesses to acknowledge the unique requirements of frontline workers who are parents, so they can prioritize their personal lives and family obligations without compromising their professional responsibilities. 


A Win-Win: Employee Satisfaction Leads to Better Business Outcomes

By enabling employees to have a say in their schedules, businesses foster a greater sense of empowerment and work-life balance. The ability to set preferences for specific shifts, request time off in advance, or even arrange for flexible working hours makes a significant difference in the lives of frontline workers who are parents. 


But the benefits don't only serve frontline workers. This tailored approach results in not just higher employee satisfaction but also increased productivity and reduced turnover rates—which means employers can spend less money and time having to hire, and train new employees, as the cost of replacing a retail employee who makes $10 per hour costs on average $3,328 per employee, a huge expense that can be avoided! 


Beyond cutting costs, a more engaged workforce also leads to increased customer satisfaction and higher-quality service. When employees are not stressed about their work hours, finding child care, or struggling to get a last-minute shift swap to pick up their child from school, they can focus on the task at hand, building the relationship with customers—for a superior customer experience and continued growth for the business. 


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