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Labour Optimisation Best Practice

Head of Product Evangelism, Sammy Walton delivers his best practice guide to labour optimisation

Welcome to the guide on labour optimisation best practice. Here are tips on what we think you should be doing to get the staff rotas that perfect your customer service.

Labour Optimisation refers to the process of making the most out of your workforce; ensuring they are in the right place at the right time, that you have the right amount of employees in the right roles, that you have a quality schedule and a quality forecast. It is the combination of many different areas within a workforce management system like Quinyx.

So how do you ensure you are optimising your workforce?

A Quality Forecast

Generating a quality forecast to base the next steps on is key in optimising your workforce and using A.I to do this for you would be considered a best practice here. Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t make manual adjustments when you need to, but you’ll want tools like Quinyx’s Forecasting A.I in order to benefit from making huge numbers of calculations and comparisons and selecting the right forecast for the right KPI at lightning speed.

Create schedules based on objectives

Using Quinyx’ Auto Schedule and Auto Assign you’ll make efficient schedules that perfectly align employee shifts and breaks with your demand curve. Get insights on the impact of adding or removing shifts on your costs and service levels. Focus on goals such as Increase revenue, minimise costs, and improve employee happiness.

Quinyx also takes contracts, skills, and availability into account to make sure you always have the right people at the right time and place.

Planning ahead

In conjunction with demand forecasting for your scheduling periods, you’ll also be able to use long-term strategic planning to get an outlook for the future to better understand your labour requirements and drive insights on how to hire, reskill or reallocate your labour.

Keeping you compliant

Adhere to local labour laws and business-specific scheduling rules with our extensive scheduling and compliance technology. Our automated scheduling tools will ensure rotas comply with your local labour rules helping you to avoid any possible fines. The Quinyx tools  also allow you to look at visual compliance dashboards to see how compliant you are at any given time, and where breaches may be occurring, should any manual changes have been made.

Find out more about labour optimisation, or alternatively get in touch so we can start a conversation today.