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Strategic Planning Best Practice

Head of Product Evangelism, Sammy Walton delivers his best practice guide to strategic planning

Welcome to the guide on strategic planning. Here are tips on what we think you should be doing to best predict your business's staffing requirements.

When it comes to planning for the future, you’ll want tools in your workforce management arsenal that help you predict what’s on the horizon for your labour pool and how to prepare for what’s coming - this is called Strategic Planning. 

With our Strategic Planning solution you are able to define your company's growth path and accurately plan ahead, staying within your labour budget by knowing the costs associated with every staffing decision in order to fill potential gaps. Strategic Planning can lower turnover by using highly anticipated demand and the proactive nature of workforce planning; and in some cases we see up to a 5% reduction in labour costs.

Strategic Workforce Planning made more transparent than ever

Remove the need for gut feel and make more calculated decisions for multiple long term strategies. You’ll be able to Anticipate both current and future hiring needs for all of your locations based on an expected demand. You’ll know exactly which future staffing issues will arise and be able to get total labour spending transparency.

Prepare for different scenarios

You’ll have access to the most up-to-date workforce-demand insights for proactive planning. Our Strategic Planning module will help to compute, calculate, and visualise multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios and the impact on future staffing levels.

Streamline your recruitment strategy

Automatically detect future staffing gaps and get recommendations to what roles to hire for, cross-train, outsource, and/or insight on where to reallocate resources across your business. Our technology takes resource constraints, costs, attrition, and efficiency rates into account to ensure you get the most realistic recruitment outlook.

Calculate labour budgets easily

At Quinyx, we love automation, and with Strategic Planning you'll save time calculating labour budgets by automating this process, too. Know your current labour spending, define the most optimal full-time to flexi-time employee ratio and add the costs of hiring or retraining employees for different scenarios per region and location.

To find out more about strategic planning please follow the link or use the form below to speak to one of the team.