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COOP sees instant return and a happier workforce with Quinyx

Supermarket chain sees instant returns and a happier workforce with Quinyx

Improvements with Quinyx

The supermarket chain Coop Norrbotten, owned by 135 000 members, runs 40 stores in northern Sweden with more than 1000 employees in total.

Carina Sundström, Coach Store Efficiency, initiated a project with the purpose to get an overview of the employees´daily working habits in order to develop well-being goals for 2020.

This overview could also give a clear picture of the return of investment from the business’ procurement of Quinyx as their workforce management solution.

Improvements with Quinyx:

  • Easier and quicker scheduling
  • More proactive in terms of worker attendance
  • Efficient time reporting
  • Excellent communication tools and a good staff overview


  •  A store manager saves 5 h 10 minutes a week due to more efficient processes, which is more than 12% of their working week.
  • Total payroll savings are 2 500 000 SEK a year for 40 stores.
  • Quinyx has contributed to a happier workforce and decreased employee turnover.


Quinyx Mobile Use at Coop Norrbotten

  • 75% of the employees log on to the app every day.
  • Everyone of their 1000 employees log in at least once a week.


Next step

Quinyx Budget & Forecasting to deal with the shifting demand of staffing in the stores.


Coop Norrbotten is very pleased to have Quinyx as a Workforce Management solution. Above all, and it is the user-friendliness and communication capabilities of the mobile apps that made the biggest difference for the business.

Coop Norrbotten can strongly recommend Quinyx to other companies, organisations and retail chains that are schedule intensive.

We believe that the business, with the help of Quinyx Budget & Forecasting tool, can generate big savings, increase sales and get happier customers by having the right people at the right place at the right time.

Carina Sundström

Coach Store Efficiency