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JOSEPH uses Quinyx task management to save time and  enhance internal communications

‘We only have happy and positive things to say about Quinyx. It’s been revolutionary – a great help to streamline our business and get it moving.’

JOSEPH is a British contemporary designer brand with a strong core of luxury essentials. Trading in over 400 locations worldwide. Hannah Creighton, JOSEPH’S Head of Retail Operations, discusses how the business uses Quinyx to streamline its task management and communication, and the benefits the retailer has seen as a result.

We first started working with Quinyx in 2019. Traditionally, a lot of our store communications were printed off as hard copies, and more recently, everything was sent via email, although we’d still have printed documents too. Generally, there was a lot of documentation flying around, and a lot of confusion for store staff over what was actually up-to-date and accurate.

What we needed was a single source of truth - one place where everybody in our retail team could easily access the right information.

Quinyx was brought in, and we haven’t looked back. Initially, Simon – one of our Quinyx account managers - held a big training session for everybody, and since then, we’ve worked really closely with Simon and his colleague Tom. They’ve given us some great insights into what’s worked well for others and how we can continue to make improvements along the way. 

‘The Bridge’

Internally, we call Quinyx ‘The Bridge’ – the bridge between head office and the stores. And it’s that ‘single source of truth’ we needed. Now Quinyx is used in 19 stores and concessions, by 120 employees.

Overall, email traffic between head office and stores has reduced by about 50% - saving team members a couple of hours a day. It also means that the information gets to the right people – previously, an email might only go to the store, and so if managers were on leave and it was read by someone else, the information might not be cascaded. We don’t have that problem now.

Our UK store employees have individual user IDs, so they can access Quinyx on their phones if they like and can also use it on iPads in store or via the Store Computer.

It gives everyone the ability and tools to get on with their jobs. Individuals can plan their day and tasks better. They're not running around looking for information. They can give customers a great experience because they’re not having to search through emails on the shop floor. Instead, they go straight to Quinyx for the information they need. And it’s easier for the head office teams, because they're not being asked the same questions all the time.

Constant improvements and empowerment

Another great thing about Quinyx is the constant improvements to the platform – for example, I’ve noticed recently that the search functions and how we create files has become much smoother. It’s all very easy to use.

The system empowers the managers and the store teams – they can engage with it how they like, the information is there, it's up to them how they use it.

Quinyx has also really boosted communication and engagement between the stores. At Christmas, we hold a ‘12 Days of Christmas’-themed competition, and stores are encouraged to upload photos and videos showing what they’re getting up to. The community chat on the Quinyx app encourages everyone to get talking. And all year round, whether they’re based in London or Birmingham or Lille, stores can discuss tasks and chat to each other, bringing everyone closer.

We use ‘stories’ on the platform for our gratitude awards; plus for vacancies and good news stories. And because it’s an internal tool, we can share information like KPIs and company presentations; our senior leadership team have started sharing videos giving an insight into their roles.

Recently, we've been looking at our sustainability policies, and we’ve used surveys on Quinyx to ask employees how we could recycle more of our packaging, what facilities they have for recycling in their stores and so on. It’s great on many levels for open, two-way communication. 

JOSEPH + Quinyx in the future

We’re looking to roll out individual usage to our French teams, and to build a French side of the platform that will automatically translate information from English, and help drive engagement.

Ultimately, our store teams want to be empowered to enhance the clients in store experience, any new systems we introduce need to remove friction and make it easier for them to make this happen. Quinyx has definitely helped in so many ways and we look forward to continuing our partnership into the future.

We only have very happy and positive things to say about Quinyx and the team. It’s been revolutionary in getting our business moving.

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Another great thing about Quinyx is the constant improvements to the platform"


Head of Retail Operations