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Kal Tire choses Quinyx to achieve smarter employee scheduling

How Kal Tire chose Quinyx to achieve smarter employee scheduling and higher employee engagement

The Kal Tire Story

Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer and one of North America’s largest commercial tire dealers. Founded by Tom Foord in 1953, the company has expanded steadily since its inception, now employing more than 6,500 team members internationally. A need to modernize its workforce management system to support consistent growth and expansion led Kal Tire to Quinyx.

Selecting the Right Partner 

After years of relying on a combination of Excel and pen & paper to record time and attendance across its store division, Kal Tire began the search for an alternative way to manage its workforce that would align with its evolving business, as well as the needs of its modern-minded staff. 

The process to select the right workforce management vendor involved an in-depth analysis of available industry options. Kal Tire conducted a thorough vetting process that included an RFP exercise, eventual shortlisting, vendor demos and finally, vendor selection. Throughout the vetting process, Kal Tire focused on selecting technology that was easy to use for both employers and employees, could have instant ROI and, most importantly, easy to adopt and integrate into existing workflows. 

Beyond that, Kal Tire wanted the vendor they ultimately selected to have had meaningful experience implementing workforce management solutions in similar retail environments. And they didn’t just rely on the vendor to support that claim; they conducted their own interviews and reference checks with existing retail clients to ensure their eventual partner had a great reputation, was ISO certified, and had the financial stability to ensure longevity in the market. 

Why Quinyx

Ultimately, it was easy for Kal Tire to see that Quinyx was one of the only vendor to truly embody all of these traits, and on top of that, they had built and embraced.

From a technical perspective, Kal Tire selected the Quinyx product because it met their unique functional requirements, and the simple, interactive interface coupled with intuitive navigation allowed them to achieve quick and easy adoption. Fast user adoption was particularly important to Kal Tire, as one of their primary goals was to ease the burden on change management activities and Quinyx’s software offered them a seamless transition with nearly immediate ROI.

Since turning to Quinyx to modernize its management and scheduling system,  logging attendance and coordinating shifts have been completely digitized, including becoming mobile-compatible. The switch has streamlined a previously tedious task for store division managers, while also giving them more control to forecast, track and adjust employee schedules based on real-time demand.

Beyond simplifying the staffing and scheduling process, Quinyx is helping Kal Tire cut critical time and effort previously spent manually coordinating payroll, releasing managers from the  time-consuming tasks that got in the way of their productivity. 

More Data, More Strategy 

Before working with Quinyx, Kal Tire lacked the ability to pull useful labor insights from its pen & paper approach to workforce management. Through Quinyx’s cloud-based scheduling application, they’ve since opened the door to critical employee data that’s given them a better understanding of their workforce, and will ultimately enable them to optimize schedules, cut unnecessary costs and staff shifts based on employee skill sets versus solely assessing availability. 

Ultimately, the shift to a data-driven workforce management system is eliminating unnecessary stress and effort among the Kal Tire storefront division, powering employees to increase productivity and allowing for a simpler process. 

As a business operating from British Columbia through Ontario, that includes employing many seasonal team members, we have complex scheduling needs. It is vital that we partner with a workforce management specialist that helps us schedule staff shifts flexibly and plan our workforce requirements accurately.

Clifford Smith

CIO, Kal Tire