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Yarrow discovered Quinyx and it was a perfect fit.

Find out how Quinyx has helped Yarrow's 400+ workforce in their mission to ensure that people with learning disabilities have an active role in society as equal citizens.

Yarrow Housing

Yarrow housing is a non-profit organisation helping people with learning disabilities across London, employing over 400 people across 40 sites and supporting over 150 people a week.

The challenge

Yarrow’s mission is to provide people with learning disabilities an enhanced quality of life, allowing them to flourish and have an active role in society as equal citizens.
With 80% of Yarrow’s budget dedicated to staff costs and an 8% cut in government spending in the health and social care sector for the last 10 years, there was a clear need for an efficient workforce management system.

After a 2 year search, Yarrow discovered Quinyx and it was a perfect fit.    


How Quinyx helped

Quinyx has completely transformed Yarrow’s business operations since implementing the system. It has made mundane and time consuming operational tasks easy, straight-forward and hassle free.

What’s more, thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, managers enjoy using it every day. Quinyx has also helped Yarrow go completely paperless when executing its payroll activities.

Today, Yarrow continues to thrive with both engaged employees and optimised business operations in place for future growth and expansion. 

The biggest impact Quinyx has had on Yarrow, is that now, we have very effective management information around our human resources."

John Crawford