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NEW: Get a next level 360 view of your workforce and business with Advanced Analytics UK

Across the globe, employees are less engaged. The figures speak for themselves; our research shows 83% of frontline workers we surveyed say ..

Across the globe, employees are less engaged. The figures speak for themselves; our research shows 83% of frontline workers we surveyed say understaffing is creating a more stressful work environment, 58% have considered quitting their job because they are unhappy and a third say they would prefer more flexibility to a pay rise. Failing to understand the reality of what’s happening in your business is a recipe for disaster.  


It’s hard to identify these trends when you have no or limited data driven insights on the actual work floor. Identifiers/KPIs are not easy to get hold of and are notoriously hard to visualise in an easily comparable way across districts, units and locations.


This is one of the major reasons why we’ve developed Advanced Analytics.


Advanced Analytics gives you a next level 360 view on your workforce and business. With all metrics that matter the most in one place (and easy to understand), it’s a breeze to make better decisions, improve employee happiness, ensure compliance and boost business performance.



Why Advanced Analytics will help you skyrocket performance


More than you’ve ever been able to before, you can see the direct impact of our other solutions directly within Quinyx. Advanced Analytics is fully pre-integrated with Quinyx WFM data so you don’t have to stress about custom integrations.  You can see how our scheduling solution streamlines your business and minimizes over or understaffing as much as possible or how our AI-driven labour optimization reduces compliance violations. And, most excitingly of all, you can see how your employees are engaging with your business - all in the same place. 


On top of all of this, we’ll help highlight any opportunities across all of these areas for you. Our intuitive dashboards give you a deep insight into your workforce’s needs and pain points. 


With Advanced Analytics you can:

  • Optimise all areas of your business. You’ll be able to understand your workforce and business better than ever before with the metrics that matter most including scheduled vs worked hours, absence hours, overtime, shift types and costs . 
  • Ensure compliance. With this unique feature, that’s never been seen in the industry before, you can stay on top of post-schedule rule violations on all levels including labour laws, schedule rules and employee preferences.
  • Improve employee engagement. You’ll always know how your workforce is doing with metrics that reflect their happiness (this feature is coming soon). 

Advanced Analytics will help you see the challenges facing your deskless employees across districts, units and locations around the globe. You can share these insights quickly and export reports  - whether they are c-level or local  - in just a few clicks. And with seamless sharing across common communication tools - alongside the ability to automate reports across every quarter, month or week - you’ll never miss a beat. The power to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and control costs is now at your fingertips.


In short, we’ve taken all the great analytics functionality that already exists within Quinyx and made it even better! 


But don’t just take our word for it, check it out yourself. Book an Advanced Analytics demo today and get ready to see your business in a new light.