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Frontline Hero
Award 2023

The Frontline Hero of the year goes to...

Chosen from over 130 nominations spanning 10 countries and diverse sectors such as retail, logistics, and hospitality, our four remarkable winners stand out for their exceptional contributions.

Our first award goes to Joakim Anundsson! Joakim’s colleagues wanted to nominate him for a thousand different reasons. They shared, "Joakim is like sunshine even on stressful days."

The second award goes to Paul Deeks! Paul's dedication and commitment have left an indelible mark on his colleagues. They shared, "Paul is a true inspiration, always going above and beyond."

The third award goes to Gwen Barrow! Her colleague nominated her for consistently prioritizing the team and customers, putting herself last. 

The last and fourth award goes to Stephen Marotta! Stephen was described as “a driving force” for the company’s customer service experience. Highlighting Stephen’s “passion for consistently improving”, a colleague said: “Stephen understands the importance of customer first.

Congratulations Joakim, Paul, Gwen and Stephen
on being our Frontline Heroes!

Three prizes for the winners:

1. Appreciation: a $500 Amazon gift card (winners only)

2. Recognition: featured on our Frontline Hero List 2023 and social media channels

3. Swag: winners will also, along with the colleagues who nominated them, receive a delightful surprise goodie bag

How to win

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Nominations are now closed. We have a winner! See you next year for the 2024 Frontline Hero Award!

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A Quinyx jury will assess all online submissions by the end of October and announce the winners in November. Candidates are evaluated by Quinyx and a panel of independent expert judges.