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State of the Frontline Workforce 2023

New rules of frontline engagement

What do frontline workers think about their future? In a time where economic uncertainty remains top of mind, the real actions that drive long term success, engage your frontline, and make them stay, go beyond simply offering higher pay.

Workers want opportunities to grow and advance. They are in need of a better work-life balance and the right tools to support their work.

Would stay longer with more growth opportunities
Experience work-related stress
Use 4 or more work apps and digital tools
Lack the tech needed to swap shifts

Unlock the full potential of your frontline

Frontline workers need the support of their employers to unlock their full potential. This includes strategically investing in the resources and tools that allow employees to manage their workload, communicate easily, and have more control over their work schedules. 

For businesses ready to reap the rewards of a more engaged, productive, and committed workforce, our survey presents the initiatives that go beyond meeting the basic needs of the frontline and create sustainable results. 

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Have experienced over and understaffing
Missed events & celebrations due to their work schedule
Use other solutions than a work app to communicate
Have no say over their work schedule

Who we asked


The frontline workforce are often seen as hourly or shift employees. They don't always sit in front of a computer and can’t necessarily access their mobile phone.  

We asked 13,100 workers across eight countries working in retail, hospitality, warehousing, and logistics, what they need from their employers and what makes them stay.

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Learn what 13,000 frontline workers think about their work lives.