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Virtual Summit: The path to the next normal

How to move on and excel post Covid-19

The Virtual Summit has gathered thought leaders, CEOs and out of the box thinkers from different sectors to discuss what the next normal will look like in fields such as retail, hospitality, healthcare and logistics. Our guests discuss the impact of the next normal on employee engagement, customer relations, the gig economy and demand for strategic staffing.

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The next normal for brick and mortar

With Deborah Weinswig 
CEO and Founder - Coresight Research

This session will cover: What will the future of brick and mortar look like and how can retailers prepare their operation and workforce for the next normal?

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How to communicate with all constituents in times of uncertainty

Nigel Travis
Author; Chairman Dunkin' Brands
Previous roles include CEO Papa John's international & CEO Blockbuster.

This session will cover: What are the impacts of the "new normal", and how should communications be aligned and adapted for all constituents, including staff, vendors and board members.

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The future of consumerism

Chris Brett
Senior Solution Director - REPL

This session will cover: In a world of predictions, how will retailers allow customers to receive purchases whilst adhering to social distancing measures? And how should retailers solve the instant change from in-store shopping to “click and collect”.

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The next normal for food delivery logistics

With Stacy Huffstetler
Managing Director North America - Widget Brain

This session will cover: How to predict the future demand for strategic staffing while maximizing compliance, minimizing costs and maintaining desired service levels.

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Business unpredictability and workforce resilience

Michael Schumann
Vice President - Syrg 

This session will cover: What impact has the crisis had on your business and organization and how to prepare it for an unpredictable future?

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A new approach to employee engagement

With Tristan Rogers
CEO - Concrete Platform

This session will cover: How to build or improve your employee engagement strategy to increase communication, business revenue and reduce employee churn. 

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The next normal in healthcare staffing

With Mike Wood
Co-Founder - ConnectRN inc.

This session will cover: How has the pandemic changed healthcare staffing in the short and long term. How to engage networks of health professionals and how to create staff liquidity.

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Business Acceleration as a result of Covid-19

With Meghann Martindale
Global Head of Retail Research  -

This session will cover: How the retail trends accelerated virtually overnight as a result of Covid-19.

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