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Ready for world domination: AI Optimization

For this first Product Talks podcast we’ve gathered the team that worked on our AI Optimization solutions. Learn about the main challenges that we wanted to solve, what we’ve built and where we are moving towards with AI in Workforce Management.

The universal challenges we see today

In 2020 we analysed over 450.000 schedules and we saw that a lot of companies deal with overstaffing that causes up to 7% more labor costs. Besides that most schedules have 3-8 labor law violations per week which can result in thousands of dollars in penalty fees.

Key take aways

If you’re short on time, here are a few quick takeaways: Schedules are often not performing as well as we want, companies have very limited strategic overview of their employee pool and we see us using automation and A.I in almost every core part of the software.

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