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Moeite met de planning voor winkels met lange openingstijden? Lastig om bij te houden wanneer uw medewerkers werken? Nu niet meer.

Winkels die Workforce Management-software en een planningsoplossing gebruiken, kunnen hun klanten beter van dienst zijn, het werk voor hun medewerkers leuker maken en hun kosten drastisch terugdringen. Met de beheersoftware van Quinyx voor de detailhandel worden uw roosters automatisch gemaakt en wordt de planning voor uw winkel geoptimaliseerd: de juiste mensen zijn altijd op het juiste moment op de juiste plaats. U bespaart elke week tijd, zodat uw managers samen met uw klanten en medewerkers in de winkel kunnen staan. 

Lees in deze casestudy's van GANT en Gudrun Sjödén welke voordelen Quinyx voor een aantal van de beste winkels van Europa heeft.

Features to make life easier



Set the schedule for your entire organisation or individual departments with a simple click. The system checks against working time directives and employee contracts – giving you peace of mind.



Create an optimal schedule with the help of advanced forecast algorithms and rules. This will make sure you have the right person, with the right skills, at the right place – at the right time.



Staff planning and sound finances go hand in hand. Taking expected sales into account when creating the schedule can do wonders for your profit margin.

How amazing is this

The complete toolkit for workforce management

Quinyx consists of different modules, all designed to make your life easier. This gives you the ability to customise the solution ideal for your business needs.


With Quinyx, scheduling is a snap

Quinyx Retail matches your needs with employees' wishes and ensures that you follow guidelines relating to working hours.

  • With a click of a button you get a schedule that is optimised for your stores
  • Save money and free up time with scheduling at the click of a button
  • Reduce the risk of incorrect schedules
  • Your staff can access their schedule via their mobile phones

Employees report time via their phone or via a terminal in the store

  • Integration with scheduling provides quick and seamless management of absence
  • Instant overview of the costs and hours worked, both in real-time and in reports
  • Automatically prepared and flawless salary files

Receive important messages directly

  • Switch shifts with a colleague
  • Leave in applications
  • Simplified communication with managers
  • Receive and manage leave absence applications, sick leave and vacations

Easy follow-up

  • Quickly and easily communicate with staff through Email, Qmail or text message
  • Communicate in the forum, send surveys and share documents
  • Create news posts on global, regional or staff category level

Automatic schedule updates

  • Automatic update of schedule upon changes in staff availability

Good staff planning and good results go strongly hand in hand for stores

With Quinyx, you follow up budgets from several different variables in a smooth way and can create optimised schedules for your campaigns with Quinyx algorithms - all with a couple of simple clicks of a button.

  • Follow up and compare different budget variables against outcomes
  • Create optimised schedules based on budgets
  • Increased cost control for staffing

With Quinyx you create to-do lists quickly and smoothly

Link routine descriptions and quality records to the tasks so that the right documentation is available upon any inspection.

  • Easy follow-up with the help of automatic irregularity reporting
  • Right documentation upon inspections
  • Schedule tasks to times of low sales in the stores
  • Your staff see task list directly in their phone

Keep track of your business’s performance

Quinyx Insights is a tool for following up your business’s most important key performance indicators, such as sales figures, number of scheduled or worked hours and staffing costs.

  • Full overview of your business’s performance at all times
  • Act fast and early on unexpected changes
  • Spot new trends early to adapt your business in time
  • Identify new data relationships by combining variables any way you want
The complete toolkit for workforce management

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Real impact for real people

These are our success stories from people just like you who have optimised their business, saved time and reduced costs with Quinyx.


Gant use Quinyx for scheduling, time reporting and payroll.

Quinyx is helping GANT stores throughout Europe revolutionise the way they work through a simple solution which saves them time and allows them to work more efficiently.

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