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The State of the Frontline Workforce 2024 Webinar

55% of frontline workers are thinking about quitting their jobs. In this 15-minutes webinar dive into why frontline workers are more stressed out than ever and other eye-opening statistics discovered in our fresh 2024 State of the Frontline Workforce Report.

As engaged employees are more committed, hard-working, and productive, we have invited Stacy Huffstetler (Director of Operations, North America) to discuss how to make employees feel better at their workplace.


Meet our host and speaker

Jack Pidgeon is the host for our WFM show and Frontline Workforce Management Expert. Rumor has it, that Jack even decodes WFM trends in his sleep.

Stacy Huffstetler is our Director of Operations in North America with a strong focus on customer experience. She knows how AI can help make life at work easier - or at least take the headache away from scheduling. 


Download the report

Learn what 12,500 frontline workers think about their work lives.