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2020 Workforce Management Day

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What is The State of Our Deskless Workforce

Erik Fjellborg
CEO and Co-Founder of Quinyx

Results from a recent study, shows it’s time to change the narrative and provide deskless workers with the same benefits and workplace flexibility that is seen in corporate environments, in order to provide long-term health and happiness.

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The Dream Employer - Unlock the Secrets to Happy Employee

Svante Randlert
Speaker, Writer, Podcast-host and business & people advisor

The world is changing fast and it's a challenge to develop and adapt your organisation in the same pace. How do you rethink your leadership and do you even have the right people for the change?

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The emerging People strategy and what it means for HR

Jenny Johnstone
Global Director of Colleague Engagement at SAGE. 

What are the major shifts in HR and what impact did the last six months have on our work. How can you as a HR expert plan and prioritize for the changing nature of HR.

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Business transformation through culture and organisation design

Ana Julia Ghirello
Chief of Product Telecine

Digital transformation expert and entrepreneur Ana Julia speaks about how to build high-performance agile teams, speeding up the growth of businesses while buidling a company culture that keeps high talent retention rate.

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Employee engagement in an omnichannel world

Kees Verkade 
Partner at Kega

Kees will show us what a future in the new digital retail reality looks like.  How do you align staff with customers in a world where stores and online are more and more integrated. Let's take retail further.

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How to create a positive onboarding experience to retain top talent!

Kelly Kinnard 
VP of Talent at Battery Ventures.

How much time do you really spend on onboarding new employees? A good onboarding program can improve employee retention by as much as 25% and make new hires 69% more likely to stick with an employer for three years. As global talent connector at tech investor Battery Ventures, and an experienced recruiter of senior executives, Kelly has many insights on how to not only recruit, but also keep the best talent.

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Business as a force for good

Interview with Mats Lederhausen
Founder of BE-CAUSE, former President of McDonald's Ventures.

We interview Mats Lederhausen, a thought leader who believes passionately in business as a force for good. Mats has an extensive background with McDonalds Ventures with investments such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Pret A Manger, and serves on the board of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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Time to transform - facing change

Geoffroy de Lestrange
Product Marketing & Communication Director, Cornerstone OnDemand

How can you and your team grow and innovate with change, how do we learn to live with uncertain times. Prioritization and inclusion are key for all teams to be able to develop and strive in 2020. 

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How many doctors do I need? Planning for healthcare in a digital world.

Professor Sam Shah
Health Technology leader

Will AI give us digital doctors in the future, and how can tech help us meet the future global need of healthcare. What does the new type of healthcare workforce look like? Professor Sam Shah, former Director of digital transformation at NHSX, will tell us.

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Unleash the force in your workforce with AI

Sammy Walton 
Product Director, Quinyx

Our very own AI guru and WFM specialist will show you how to unleash the potential of your workforce with data-driven workforce management. If you want to find out where the WFM industry is heading and what the future has in store then this talk is a must!

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How to keep the organization aligned and engaged when the office is empty

Eva Törnqvist
VP of Consulting at CatalystOne

Eva presents a hands-on strategy tips for how to set a structure for alignment, communication, and engagement when we can't meet in real life.

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The Beauty of digitalized payroll processes

Olav Abel Lindberg
CSO at Azets

Senior sales leader Olav will help you find the beauty in digitalized HR/payroll processes, while you work smarter and make better and more profitable decisions.

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The AI Craze - Why you should join the party and get the real deal

With Maarten de Boo and Berend Berendsen
Widget Brain

Passionate about creating value for businesses and workforces, Maarten and Berend will share why AI is the real deal, how to implement it successfully, and how to distinguish real solutions from inefficient ones.

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How do you grow a company from 3 to 500 employees in 2 years, and still keep your employees happy

With Ben Kiziltug
Head of International for Personio

Hear Personio’s story on how growth and happiness is tied closely together. Ben will provide you with tips on how to scale recruiting and onboarding in a hyper-growth company. And tell you how to free yourself from the admin monster stealing your precious time.

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How to train your Machine Learning: Lessons from the pandemic

Rafik Salama
Head of Data Science at REPL Group

Machine learning has been a buzzword for the last couple of years. But what does it really mean?  
With a PhD in Statistical Machine Learning, Rafik Salama wanted to use his experiences with Machine Learning to improve the working lives of employees. Today, he is helping some of the largest retailers in the world to improve their business and spark employee engagement.

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