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Transforming Home Care with AI

Use AI-driven workforce optimization to streamline and optimise the rostering process in the complex and highly regulated Home Care environment.

Optimize your workforce and power up your WFM platform with Quinyx AI

Sharing is caring. And, because we truly believe that AI is the best way forward in workforce management, we want to share it with everyone. We designed our AI solutions to be compatible with any WFM system. Integrating it through an open API, you can keep on working with the system you know while enjoying the benefits of our AI Optimization solutions.

Field Service Planning

Automatically allocate every visit, booking or task to the right employee, keeping travel and customer satisfaction in mind!

How can Field Service Planning help you?


"Our Field Service Planning algorithm generates a globally optimised roster that adheres to all Awards and Enterprise Agreements (including overtime rates and other payroll nuances), while taking into account employee availability, patient preferences, and the skills and qualifications required to perform tasks. Different business objectives can be prioritised such as continuity of care for clients and minimising travel time and split shifts for carers, leading to both happier customers and employees."

Andrew Kith, Quinyx AI Expert

Numbers speak louder than words

We love data. So much so, that we decided to analyze 450,000 rosters, as we wanted to demonstrate the potential of AI-powered scheduling. Our findings speak for themselves:

  • Our home care customers save 4.3% and see a decrease of 61 hours scheduled per week on average.
  • Travelling time between jobs is reduced by 22.6 hours. That's 1,600km (1,000 miles) saved!
  • 100% less compliance violations
  • 40% less split shifts

Averages are per week per location across our home care customers in comparison to their previous schedules.

Smooth integration with your existing WFM and Care Management platform

Empower your Workforce Management system with our AI Optimization solutions and take your workforce management to new heights. Connect easily to the Quinyx platform API to add AI to your software.

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The biggest impact Quinyx has had on Yarrow, is that now, we have very effective management information around our human resources.
John Crawford
CEO | Yarrow

Insights for Home Care Leaders

Our blog and customer stories bring you the latest insights on workforce trends in home care.


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Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Quinyx can help you whether you need a complete solution for your workforce, or have an existing workforce management solution you'd like to make smarter. 

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