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5 key takeaways from WFM Day 2017 in London

On Thursday, April 6 we held our first Workforce Management Day in the UK. Bringing together a selection of industry experts, Quinyx customers and ..

On Thursday, April 6 we held our first Workforce Management Day in the UK.

Bringing together a selection of industry experts, Quinyx customers and people interested in learning more about the future of workforce management, the day provided delegates with the opportunity to discover the benefits an intelligent cloud-based workforce management solution can bring to their businesses.

Workforce Management Day 2017 London
From smarter scheduling to significant cost savings, Quinyx is helping businesses across Europe revolutionise and optimise the way they operate while empowering their employees to enjoy work.

With talks from Quinyx Founder and CEO Erik Fjellborg, keynote speaker Linda Moir (former Head of Staffing at London’s Olympic games) and Neil Taylor, Retail Operations Director at HMV, the day gave an unprecedented insight into the world of workforce management.


Here are our top five takeaways from the day:


1. Enjoying work is everything

There were a number of themes to emerge from Workforce Management Day. Top of the list was the importance of having staff who enjoy work. The challenge of doing this, especially in industries like retail and hospitality where there are high levels of staff turnover, is a huge one. That’s why solutions like Quinyx, which have a significant impact on employee engagement, are proving so popular.

As Linda Moir said, getting people to love their jobs is the secret to delivering memorable customer service. And businesses with smiling staff and high morale will always have higher levels of customer satisfaction.

In relation to her time at the Olympics, Linda added it was the human element of London 2012 which made the games so successful. By empowering the Gamesmakers to ‘be brilliant and inspiring,’ they were able to deliver a magnificent customer experience and an Olympic games like no other.


2. Deliver a beautiful experience

The delivery of an amazing experience isn’t just for the customer. In software terms, user experience is everything and the ability to deliver a beautiful experience to the end user is the mark of a great piece of software.

Carl Geijer, Product Manager, at Quinyx, outlined how Quinyx is constantly evolving to be as quick and efficient to use as possible, which involves everything from load speed times to enabling the user to complete a task with fewer clicks. It’s the user experience, especially within the mobile app, that’s always praised by Quinyx customers as it’s easy to use and understand even with minimal training.

Workforce Management Day 2017 London 

3. Innovate all the time

Innovation can come from anywhere in an organisation. From a software perspective, innovation can centre around using new technologies to create a better product, like using voice or biometric recognition software. From the customer perspective, it’s the businesses who innovate to deliver a better experience for their customers who are the most successful.


4. Harness the power of data

Data is everywhere but data in it’s raw form is no good to anyone. When data is standardised, simplified and centralised, businesses are able to make better decisions, reduce risk and increase productivity. A good business doesn’t make a decision without having the data to back it up.

Workforce Management Day 2017 London 

5. Have the right people, in the right place, at the right time

Quinyx creates great schedules by making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time. It’s this functionality, according to Neil Taylor from HMV, which helping the store grow and thrive after being given a fresh lease of life.

HMV, a stalwart of the UK highstreet, entered administration in 2013 for a number of reasons including the fact they’d stopped listening to their customers and giving them an environment they want.

They are now using Quinyx to make sure they always have the right people in place to deliver the memorable customer experience that will set them apart from their competitors.

To summarise, employees who enjoy work will deliver a better customer experience. Workforce management software not only empowers them to do this, but also allows the business to optimise the experience alongside saving time, saving money and boosting productivity.

If you’d like to find out more about how Quinyx can help you and your business we’d love to hear from you.

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