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8 ways to improve employee satisfaction

Have you ever felt like Mick Jagger? Stood on the stage singing: “I can’t get no satisfaction, but I try, I try, I try.” There aren’t many, but this ..

Have you ever felt like Mick Jagger? Stood on the stage singing: “I can’t get no satisfaction, but I try, I try, I try.”

There aren’t many, but this is a sentiment many CEOs and business leaders will share with the Stones’ singer. When it comes to employee satisfaction the news always seems to be bleak; employees aren’t engaged, they aren’t productive and there’s a million and one things they’d rather be doing than working.

It’s time for that to change. Not only is it a miserable position for everyone to be in, it’s also bad for business. Studies show, time and again, that companies with engaged employees are more productive and successful than their competitors.

At work, strong morale, good leadership and a positive environment will set the tone for having happy, productive and loyal employees.

Here’s 8 ways to improve employee satisfaction:

1. Have an identity

Build and develop an identity for your business your employees can buy into. We all love to feel part of something and a collective identity will see improved collaboration, communication and a greater sense of purpose. This is something to start from the get-go with new employees. Build a strong employee orientation package and you’ll be encouraging a positive attitude from day one.

2. Control

Give employees control. Whether it’s through flexible working hours, choosing the shifts they work or holding regular Q&A sessions with senior leadership, employees will welcome a sense of ownership over their job and be happier for it.

3. Collective goals

We all want something to work towards so we can feel the sense of achievement when we reach it. Collective goals are a great way of doing this. They can be everything from company-wide KPIs to team-specific targets. This works even more effectively if hitting targets results in a company-wide benefit everyone can enjoy.

4. Use time effectively

Nothing drains happiness quite so effectively as having a day of back to back meeting where it feels like nothing is achieved. By using time more effectively you’ll be able to cut out the elements of work people least enjoy and allow them to focus on what they love doing. This was put into action by GANT and Gudrun Sjödén when they began using Quinyx.

5. Enjoy each other’s company

Learn to like your team and encourage regular socialising which happens outside of the work environment. Monthly kick-offs are a great way of doing this and a chance for employees to become friends as well as colleagues.

6. Workout

Or do yoga. Or play ping-pong. Do something that gets the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing. A sedentary environment is a static one. Offer activities after work that allow your employees to cut loose. They’ll be healthier and happier for it.

7. Make work exciting

As well as the identity we mentioned previously, have a vision and don’t be scared embracing it. Every company, no matter what industry, can aim to change the world. Set your sights high and let your ambitions soar. At Quinyx, we develop workforce management software, yet it’s through this software that we are changing the way people work and making their lives better for it.

8. Enjoy good music

We’ll finish where we started, with music. Have an office playlist on Spotify and encourage different departments to put a new selection of songs together each week. Music can make people happier and even lead to improved productivity.

Here is Quinyx' Spotify Playlist. Enjoy!



Enjoying work isn’t just an ideal. It has to be a reality and the result of having happier employees is being able to do more, in less time; the very definition of increasing productivity. If you make improving employee satisfaction one of your key priorities you’ll automatically be improving the quality of your product and your service.

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