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Things you need to know about workforce management software

The best workforce management software makes people smile. Why? Because it makes the business run more effectively, it makes life easier for managers ..

The best workforce management software makes people smile. Why? Because it makes the business run more effectively, it makes life easier for managers and it empowers employees.

And it evolves. The best systems are continually being improved to deliver better results in a quicker timeframe. The essence of workforce management software is about putting the right people, in the right place, at the right time, and get them doing the right thing.

However, the best workforce management software isn’t just about having an easy way to create a schedule. It’s much more than that. Here’s nine things you need to know about how workforce management software will benefit your business:


1. It saves you money

Starting from the top, better workforce management will save you money. Whether it’s through automating key processes, freeing up time for your most important members of staff or helping you accurately forecast and budget, it will significantly reduce your costs. The impact is immediate with many companies we work with seeing a big difference in a matter of months. Check out our cost calculator to see how much Quinyx could save you.


2. It saves you time

As mentioned above, by using workforce management software you’ll be saving time. At Quinyx, we see managers typically save around a day a week of their time when they use our software. This time can then be invested back into the business and used to improve customer satisfaction, improve the customer experience and make the business more profitable.


3. Your staff will love it

Systems like Quinyx are great for all your staff because they empower them to a far greater degree than ever before. Employees are able to easily request the shifts they want to work, swap shifts with others and free shifts are even easier to fill. It also takes the paperwork out of absence and leave management, allowing the processes to be complete with the click of a button.


4. It’s mobile

The best workforce management software comes with a mobile app that works across all devices. Time tracking, checking when your working, task management and messaging can all take place within the app. At Quinyx, our latest app versions have made managers mobile by allowing them to manage shift bookings and leave applications through the app.


5. It’s scaleable

If you’re planning on growing your business then the best software will grow with you. It’s easy to upscale workforce management software to meet a growing number of staff and multiple sites.


6. It’s cloud-based

Having a cloud-based workforce management solution means you’re not reliant on archaic legacy systems. As well as being able to access it at anytime from anywhere it also means all updates are run automatically for you ensuring you’re always up to date with the latest features.


7. It’s intelligent

At Quinyx, our software has additional budgeting and forecast modules. They use historical and forecast data to give you an unprecedented insight into your business, allowing you to manage your staff costs in a way that maximises profitability.


8. It’s the future

Soon all companies, big or small, will be using a workforce management system where they have a need for it. There is so much data available for businesses to use that having software in place to use this data effectively is fundamental. And it’s usually the early-adopters of new technologies who see the best results.


9. It’s fun

Work should be fun and should be done with a smiling face. That’s why we strive to ensure our customers enjoy work. Quinyx is built around this ethos and it’s one we want to share with you.


Talk to one of our workforce management superstars today and see how our software can benefit your business.

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