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Creating the ultimate workplace with better WFM

This week the Quinyx team are heading to the Independent Hotel Show in London, the UK's largest and best established business event in support of the ..

This week the Quinyx team are heading to the Independent Hotel Show in London, the UK's largest and best established business event in support of the luxury, boutique and independent hotel sector.

As part of the show Quinyx we hosted the ‘Power Breakfast’ and Quinyx Founder & CEO, Erik Fjellborg, will be delivered a presentation as part of the seminar ‘Creating the Ultimate Workplace.’

Through our experience in providing workforce management software to businesses across Europe and our ‘enjoy work’ ethos, we’ve gained a detailed insight into what the ultimate workplace is, how to create it and why it’s important.

The importance of creating a great workplace is directly related to employee engagement. Employees who aren’t engaged at work are one of the most important reasons businesses fail to fulfil their potential. It’s a global issue and one that’s remained worryingly consistent. In every major survey carried out this millenium, less than 30% of employees described themselves as ‘engaged’ at work (Source: Gallup).

But why does that matter? It’s simple. Organisations who have high levels of employee engagement perform better, have happier employees and have happier customers. And these are three things every business owner wants.

It’s important to note the ‘face’ of the workforce is changing dramatically and by 2020 over half the workforce will be made up of Millennials. Now employees look for flexibility, progression, a social conscience, personal connections and fun in their work. In fact, 80% of employees would turn down a raise if it meant going to work in a negative environment (Source: Glassdoor).

As well dramatically improving the way a business is run, we’ve also seen the benefit a workforce management solution like Quinyx can have on the work-life balance of employees, a key component when it comes to creating the ultimate workplace. And a direct consequence of better work-life balance is better engagement at work.

Here are some of the benefits a workforce management tool brings:

More control

Give your employees the opportunity, when possible, to choose when they work. Having the flexibility to request for more shifts or specific shifts allows employees to plan a life outside of work and also makes them feel like they are being listened to and are valued by their employers.

ChaNge is simple

Sometimes employees need to switch shifts. This usually involves a series of phonecalls and messages, often going around in an endless circle. Not so with Quinyx. Employees simple indicate they want to switch a shift and then anyone who wants to can claim it.

Better communication

Solutions like Quinyx come complete with an integrated communications module enabling easy and effective communication between employees and employer. One business reported an 80% response rate to an employee survey when it was sent out through Quinyx; a huge increase to what the response they had previously.

It makes life easier

Especially when it comes to absence management and leave requests. Instead of having to fill out endless forms, employees can apply for leave or vacations through the Quinyx app. And managers can grant these requests through the app as well meaning a process which traditionally involves spreadsheets, paper and admin can be done in a swipe and a click.

These are just some of the ways a workforce management solution can help shape your culture. Culture, and keeping a great culture, is everything in fast moving companies. A successful company will create a culture where there's room for ideas and more importantly where ideas are acted upon. They’ll always include their employees and make sure they feel they can speak freely.

It’s important to realize that this is a process without end; culture is never done. Keep working to make your business a great place to work, be authentic, show empathy and be kind to your staff. Not only will this make work enjoyable, it will inspire them to new heights.



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