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Drive Employee Retention with Quinyx and Onfleet

Learn how Quinyx and Onfleet are helping companies improve employee retention by increasing flexibility.


Key Takeaways:

  • Increasing employee flexibility is key to decreasing turnover.
  • An optimal mix of full-time and part-time shifts, along with greater employee flexibility leads to more profitability and decreased labor costs.
  • An optimal routing approach for drivers will help them avoid burnout.

The impact of poor retention

Employee retention is critical for successful warehouse and fleet operations. Unengaged employees often feel they don’t have a say around when and how they work. With the influence of gig work on traditional full time and part time staff, many employees are looking for greater flexibility in their work schedules. Employers who cannot provide flexible scheduling risk losing staff. This can have huge impacts on the business including lost revenue, incomplete or missed tasks, frustrated customers, and an unengaged remaining workforce that needs to pick up the slack. Fortunately,  Quinyx and Onfleet can help.     

How Quinyx and Onfleet improve retention

Both Quinyx and Onfleet have solutions designed to balance employee engagement with the need for operational efficiency. Quinyx uniquely factors employee preference as a constraint for our auto-scheduler, alongside others like sales, orders and foot traffic. In doing so, we can accommodate employee preference up to ~80% of the time, giving employees the flexibility they need to achieve a healthy work life balance. Additionally, we create an optimal mix of full-time and part-time shifts, giving employees more options than traditional static schedules, while also decreasing unnecessary labor costs and maximizing profitability. Onfleet’s leading routing and dispatch solution ensures drivers have assigned routes that are balanced and that drivers are not overstretched and avoid burnout. Additionally, the intuitive drive app ensures that drivers are working efficiently and avoid rushing, missing deliveries, and frustrated customers, all of which contribute to a poor employee experience.

Example ROI:

  • 78% of employee schedule preferences met (multinational last mile delivery company with 22,500 employees)
  • 130K Reduction in employee turnover (retailer with 2,900 employees across 250 stores) 

Who is Quinyx?

Quinyx is an AI driven, advanced scheduling system, with the most powerful auto-scheduler in the world. The Quinyx scheduling solution uniquely balances employee preference against customer demand for schedules that meet everyone's needs, resulting in improved employee retention, more sales, and decreased labor costs. 

Who is Onfleet?

Onfleet is a delivery optimization solution, which powers millions of deliveries every week, for thousands of businesses around the world across a range of industries from grocery and prepared meals to pharmacy, flowers, and furniture. Onfleet helps businesses route and dispatch efficiently, collect proof of delivery, access comprehensive last mile analytics, and provide a branded, delightful customer experience.

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