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Employee engagement guide for managers

How to increase engagement levels among employees and have a more productive workforce. It’s very easy to write employee engagement off. Some ..

How to increase engagement levels among employees and have a more productive workforce.

It’s very easy to write employee engagement off. Some business leaders see it as spurious, unnecessary, a distraction. This could not be further from the truth.

Research carried out by the Government initiative Engage for Success show that just a third of employees in the UK describe themselves as being engaged. This puts the UK in 9th position out of the world’s twelfth largest economies based on GDP.

Employee engagement and productivity levels are intrinsically linked and further figures from Engage for Success show that if the UK were to move to the middle to top quartile of the rankings there would be close to a £30bn boost to GDP.

As well as performance and productivity, employee engagement impacts positively on levels of absenteeism, on retention, on levels of innovation, on customer service, on positive outcomes in public services and on staff advocacy of their organisations.










Here are some quick and easy ways to boost engagement levels:


Effective communication drives engagement. This is a two way street. It involves listening to employees and it means giving them a voice. New workforce management systems are driving this process by providing both business and employees with a platform for improved communication and connection. Employees feel more involved and develop a more personal relationship with their employer leading to higher engagement levels.

A great way of doing this is using an online scheduling tool that is easy-to-use and also incorporates a task management system and provides employees with an integrated internal communications platform.

Lead by Example

Managers should be role models for employees and their lead should set an example to follow. This covers all aspects from personal relationship management to dress code and commitment. Leading from the front and having key ambassadors who uphold your core values will see employees follow the lead.

Let your champions lead the way and let their passion drive engagement.

Coach, train,mentor

Business coaching, meaningful training and mentoring schemes will all boost engagement levels. By investing in your workforce you are placing them on a pedestal. In the restaurant industry, it doesn’t matter how good the food tastes if the waiter knows nothing about it and lacks the confidence to create a memorable experience for the diner.

Celebrate success together

Make employees feel engaged by celebrating successes with them. This could be anything from a celebration when a target is hit or a milestone is reached. It could be an employee profit sharing scheme where the success of the business has a direct impact on the employee in a financial sense.

Celebrating together and letting the good times roll will only ever be good for engagement.


It’s the simplest thing to say and no one says it enough. When a MD turns round to an intern and says thank you, that intern is filled with a warm glow that can’t be measured in numbers or stats but helps straighten the bond between business and employee.

Saying thank you are the best two words you have at your disposal.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Workforce management provides the platform for much stronger, more insightful engagement with employees. It helps make them feel part of something.

Be Positive. Enjoy Work.

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