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Employees who enjoy work will help your business grow

At Quinyx when we say “enjoy work” we mean it. It’s not just a strapline or a nice sentiment; it’s a culture and one of our biggest drivers for ..

At Quinyx when we say “enjoy work” we mean it. It’s not just a strapline or a nice sentiment; it’s a culture and one of our biggest drivers for successful growth.

However, enjoying work seems to be alien to the vast majority of people. According to a Gallup poll in 2013, only 13% of workers worldwide said they were engaged at work. This means a whopping 87% of the global workforce were indifferent towards their jobs.

Brands and big businesses fight tooth and nail for consumer loyalty and advocacy. Word of mouth recommendations and the power of social media carry tremendous weight. Soaring rates of customer satisfaction sees great results and while consumer advocacy can boost a brand’s standing, there are even stronger ambassadors much closer to home; the employees.

Every company has a workforce at its fingertips that can be engaged, inspired and impassioned to sing the praises of their company, not through coercion, but through being respected, valued and empowered.

Motivated employees are not only more productive and efficient but they are much more likely to become your best ambassadors both in and out of work. You’ll find these ambassadors by creating a culture where they enjoy work.

Here’s how to do it:


1. Break down the barriers

Not so long ago it was commonplace for management teams to set themselves apart from their staff with better offices, better facilities and better perks. The first thing this does it create an unnecessary division when everyone should be working towards a common goal; the success of the company.

At Quinyx, we’ve been growing super-fast so we recently upgraded our kitchen to a great new space where everyone from a new developer to the international head of sales can talk, socialise and enjoy a good coffee. We have creative spaces, stand up meetings and an open environment. It helps us have happy staff.


2. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace

By creating a healthy environment and one which encourages physical and mental wellbeing you’ll be investing in your employees welfare and this kind of investment is always priceless. Whether it’s something simple like introducing afterwork yoga sessions or buying your own bikes (like we have just done!) to make it easier for your employees to get around, promoting the health of your employees only ever has positive side effects.


3. Have fun!

Whatever industry we work in and whatever job we do there will always be stress. This can’t be avoided. But it can be managed by still finding the time to have fun. Be passionate about work while remembering there’s a place to stop, get up and go take a lunch break. Find a work-life balance where you can always deliver your best work and avoid burnout.


4. Listen and learn

When an employee has concerns, listen to them and learn from them. As long as we continue to learn we continue to better ourselves and we only learn through listening. The employee who feels their voice is heard always feels valued and as such is much more likely to enjoy work.


So enjoying work isn’t just something we say. It’s something we do everyday. We help our customers enjoy work too and we can help you do the same. Let us show you how.

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