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Growing your business through better technology

Having the right tools and technology in place is essential for any business serious about growing and even more so for those looking to achieve ..

Having the right tools and technology in place is essential for any business serious about growing and even more so for those looking to achieve rapid growth.

The commercial, operational and financial aspects of any business are all areas where advances in technology are having a huge impact. The advent of cloud computing, coupled with big data and mobile technology, means it’s easier than ever for businesses to optimise the way they operate and have more ‘intelligence’ on how they are performing.

Whether it’s a CRM system like Salesforce, inbound marketing software like HubSpot or workforce management software like Quinyx, the tools businesses now have at their disposal are significantly enhancing the experience of both their employees and their customers.

Having these tools in place is also vital for companies who wish to attract the best talent. Millennial workers expect to be able to work anywhere at anytime. The culture of a business and the way they embrace technology are what enable this to happen and therefore brings in the best people.

Here are six ways cloud-based technology is empowering business to grow and optimize:  

Better insight.

Intelligent software is already helping to enrich, shape and define our daily lives. Wearable tech is helping us be more engaged with our health, lifestyle and the impact it has on our bodies. The increasing mainstream use of augmented and virtual reality technology is creating and shaping new behaviours which heighten our experience of the world around us. And when it comes to business, business leaders are able to tap into the ever-improving analysis of big data to make better, more informed decisions.

Greater efficiency.

And improved productivity. Technology helps us do more with less. As well as improving our decision making it helps us optimize the time available to us, to automate traditionally labour-intensive tasks and stay more connected to the world around us.  

Improved flexibility.

With the growing popularity and acceptance of remote working, business leaders are looking for the flexibility to be able to manage their business from anywhere at anytime. A key aspect in doing this is being able to access their business data whenever and wherever they choose to. Cloud-based technology enables and empowers this.

Unlimited scalability.

For companies looking to grow, the scalability of any software solution is going to be a hot issue. Cloud-based software means doing this is easy and it’s cost-effective to scale up; as you grow, the software grows with you.

Automatic updates.

At Quinyx we have a new release each month and we’re certainly not alone in doing this. Not only does this means your software is always up to date, it means it’s constantly improving and evolving to better serve its users.


With cloud-based software, you’re always in control, never more so than with core documents. Take a rota as an example; by having this hosted in the cloud (like it is with Quinyx) it means there is only ever one version. This eliminates error and version conflict instantly.

Embracing the leading technology is at the heart of what we do at Quinyx. It helps us grow, delivers more for our employees and gives our customers a market-leading product.

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