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Happy Holidays from Quinyx! - A workforce management story

Every year Christmas keeps on getting bigger. There are more gifts to be delivered, more miles for Santa and his sleigh to cover and an increasing ..

Every year Christmas keeps on getting bigger. There are more gifts to be delivered, more miles for Santa and his sleigh to cover and an increasing set of demands placed upon the elves to deliver Christmas on time to people all around the world.


From humble begins, Christmas is now a complex logistical operation which relies heavily on engaged, efficient and productive workers. Without the huge numbers working tirelessly behind the scenes the big day wouldn’t happen. However, in recent years, with the growing set of demands at Christmas HQ, Santa Claus and his senior management team have faced the task of creating a complex year-long schedule for their team of elves.

In a rare insight into the workings of the North Pole, Santa told us that, despite his magical abilities, he used to use chalk boards to schedule his staff.

“It would always be a problem,” he said. “Elves are fantastic at making toys but they aren’t the most organised of creatures.”

“Every time I’d finish a schedule it would be on the board for less than two minutes before someone started to changing it or swapping their shifts or saying they couldn’t work when they were meant to. It was chaos.

“And of course I’d then have to sit down and find different elves to cover shifts while rewriting the whole schedule. I’m such a busy man and doing all this would take up so much time.

“It started to affect all areas of the business of Christmas. The reindeer weren’t getting their exercise, toys were getting missed from lists and no one was ever in the right place. I knew something had to change. So I went looking for help and that’s when I found Quinyx.”


Magic from the cloud


Santa and his elves began using Quinyx at the start of 2015. Since then it has revolutionised the way they run Christmas, with the main event this year already running smoothly and more efficiently than ever before.

“This year has been the best yet,” Santa said. “The scheduling now takes minutes when it used to take days, it’s all powered by the magic in the cloud and the elves love it too. They use their elfPhones for everything and now they get their schedules sent straight to them, it’s easy for me, it’s easy for them and it means we can make Christmas even better.

“With the free time I’ve had, I’ve been able to focus on key areas of Christmas that were being neglected. My sleigh has now been reconditioned, the workshop has had an upgrade and the experience we’ll be delivering this year will be unmatched.

“The elves have always loved their work but this has let them enjoy work even more. They can plan their down time more effectively, have a better work-life balance and they all feel even closer to the Christmas spirit.”


Christmas optimisation


Team Christmas are working better than ever and determined to hit new heights this Christmas. They’ve taken a successful operation and through optimisation in their core areas, they’ve been able to not only work more effectively but they’ve also been able to enjoy their work again, and we all know that happy elves are the best elves.

Of course it is entirely up to you, whether you believe in Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Jultomten, Julenissen, Weihnachtsmann or any of the other names you might know him by. What we do hope is that your Christmas is full of joy, smiles and laughter alongside a successful and prosperous New Year.


Merry Christmas and Enjoy Work!

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