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An ever-growing number of organizations operating within the health and social care industries are using workforce management solutions to provide a ..

An ever-growing number of organizations operating within the health and social care industries are using workforce management solutions to provide a better service for their customers and clients.

Alongside this, it’s also helping their employees manage their time and work-life balance more effectively. One of the key principles of better workforce management is being able to give people their time back so they can spend more of it doing the jobs they love rather than having time stolen from them by laborious admin jobs.

When it comes to health and social care, this takes on even greater importance as it means employees have more time to provide care to their clients.

Vetro Recruitment is a specialist health, social care, and education recruitment agency operating in the UK. They place support workers, nurses, and carers in either temporary or permanent positions. For Vetro Recruitment, the aim is to match the right support workers to their clients the very first time and they use Quinyx as the solution to help them do this.

“One of our biggest challenges is the urgency our clients have and filling last-minute positions. Another big challenge we face is compliance,” says operations director at Vetro Recruitment, Alastair Tulloch.

“We’ve seen huge benefits since day one of implementing Quinyx. We’ve instantly seen an increase in productivity, it’s drastically reducing the time taken and ultimately our clients are getting fully compliant staff much quicker than they would have done previously.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Harald Wessman, chief executive officer at Humana, a private healthcare company in the Nordics that also use Quinyx.

“We chose Quinyx because we wanted a good, technical and modern solution,” he says. “The app we’re using now is amazing. It means that our 9,000 employees all around Sweden, who work odd hours in various environments, at 2,000 different workplaces, can use the system wherever and whenever.”

“That’s a huge benefit to us, it’s like having your office in your pocket and it’s hugely time-efficient. It has given us a lot more control over our business. We’ve also minimized our mail handling as well as reduced are admin work and troubleshooting. This digital solution has saved us lots of time and is a significant improvement for us.”

Patient-led care is a big driving factor for private healthcare companies across Europe. To this end, Quinyx is also empowering Humana’s clients, enabling them to use the app to see how much care they are entitled to and when they can expect it as well as dramatically reducing the amount of paperwork they have to process.

Sofia Jädergård, from Humana, adds: “It’s easy for clients to log in when they are using Quinyx and see how many hours they’re entitled to. They can track their usage and Quinyx adds up all their hours for the assistants, so they don’t have to do it manually. They can also see which assistant is coming and when.”

Not only does this meantime is being saved by the company, but also their clients, allowing them to enjoy a higher quality of life. Better workforce management isn’t just about making businesses more productive. As in the case of the healthcare industry, it can have a real and lasting effect on people’s lives.


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