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How to be positive at work

Employees are your most important asset and as such require investment. Motivated employees perform better, make better teams and make their ..

Employees are your most important asset and as such require investment. Motivated employees perform better, make better teams and make their organisations more efficient.

Motivation comes from employees being given a voice, feeling like they have a purpose and having pride in how they do their work. These three aspects of motivation need to be given the right environment in which to flourish – and that environment is a positive one.

The 1999 book, First, Break All The Rules: What The World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently is a result of observations based on 80,000 interviews with managers conducted by Gallup. In the interviews managers and teams were asked 12 questions that were predictors of high performance.

The study found that across industries and across countries the best performing team answered certain questions positively. They understood their motivation while having purpose, autonomy and mastery. Positivity in the workplace is vital in achieving this. It leads to enjoyment among staff and when employees enjoy work, they become more productive and are happy to go the extra mile.

Here are our five tips for creating a positive workplace:

1. Regular Feedback

Employees who receive regular feedback immediately feel more engaged and as such are more productive. Regular, transparent and open communication is the first step for making an employee feel valued. Giving clear feedback helps employees develop autonomy and mastery which both contribute to better motivation.

2. Empowerment

Employees who feel they have a voice and feel they are heard perform to a much higher standard than those who don’t. Innovative tools, like web and app-based workforce management systems, are helping to revolutionise the way businesses work across industries. Employees can communicate effectively with each other and with management through intuitive communications modules as well as choosing when they want to work and how often they want to. This degree of empowerment creates a positive work environment and a motivated workforce.

3. Exercise

It might be lunchtime yoga or an after work cycle club, regular exercise in the workplace is proven to increase performance. Studies at Ohio State University in the USA found that low-impact yoga increased mindfulness in employees by 10% and reduced stress by 11%. Group exercise is also great for team building. Take part in friendly competitions together, whether it be a fun run or a raft race. Positive teams always perform to higher standards.

4. Mentoring

Mentoring and coaching staff is integral to their continued development and in creating an environment of success. Mentoring works on many levels; it helps build relationships between employees, encourages reflection, improves self-confidence and offers professional development. By developing a network of enabling relationships you will be creating a positive workplace where your employees can flourish.

5. Team Spirit

Developing a sense of unity among teams and a shared purpose taps into our collective need to feel part of a greater ‘whole.’ Make sure everything your employees do, they do together, as a team. Good team spirit means good support and an investment in the people that make up the team. Build a team with a strong team spirit and they’ll lead you to success.

Motivation and positivity are the first step to getting more from your staff, keeping them engaged and creating a culture everyone wants to be part of.

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