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Managing Generation Z in the Workplace

Here’s 3 tips of how to create an environment where your Gen Z employees can thrive.

Little did Bob Dylan know we’d be quoting his famous song lyric “the times, they are a-changin,” in this blog post but we are. Because now is THE time to change your strategies for managing Generation Z in the workplace!

Let us explain. Throughout the last decade, Millennials flooded the workplace, and this influx brought with it changing attitudes towards work and the workplace.

Things like employee experience, flexible working, technology, and working for an employer with a strong social conscience have all taken center stage.

But now things are heating up even more. Gen Z - defined as anyone born between 1997 and 2012 - are the first ‘digital natives’ and will never know a world without having an abundance of information, choice and convenience at their fingertips.

Diversity is part of their DNA, they celebrate inclusivity, and they place huge value on dialogue as opposed to confrontation.

This generation wants to be enabled and empowered. They want to celebrate the ramped up digitalization we’re seeing in the workplace because they know the right tools will make their everyday work lives easier.

However, many employers are failing to meet these needs. According to the State of the Deskless Workforce, 60% of Gen Z considered quitting their job in the last year, and 70% believe there are many other employment opportunities for them based on their skill sets.

With recruitment and retention of frontline workers being two of the biggest challenges facing HR departments around the world, it makes sense to create an environment where your Gen Z employees can thrive. Here’s where we think you should start:

1. Get flexible

According to our research, Gen Z values flexibility in the workplace more than any other group. With the right tools and technology in place, flexible scheduling through a dedicated app can help improve productivity, save time, reduce costs, improve employee retention and - crucially when it comes to Gen Z - boost employee engagement.

Gen Z wants to feel empowered and they want choice. 30% say they have no control over their schedule. By giving them the power to swap shifts on the go, request leave and block out times they really can’t work (all through an intuitive app), you can transform your employee experience. 

Flexibility is a no brainer. It’s what the wave of frontline workers entering the workplace want and, with the right mindset and tech, it’s easier to implement and execute than ever before.

2. Listen to feedback

In the State of the Deskless Workforce report 37% said their employer doesn’t listen to feedback. Listening and feedback mechanisms are at the root of employee experience. They are two of the most important strategies to motivate your team.

With tools like Quinyx Pulse, you can quickly survey your workforce on any topic you choose, such as asking them how they’re feeling, what they think about a new policy, what theme they’d like the next team building to take - the list goes on. This allows you to get live feedback from your workforce and helps drive engagement across your organization. 

3. Meet them on the phone

Gen Z is the most tech savvy generation yet and they expect digital enablement to be a prerequisite. They control their everyday lives through their phones and they expect their work lives to be no different. 

Yet, our research showed only 13% of frontline workers use an app for their WFM processes - and that’s a problem. If you want seamless communication between staff and management, to view schedules on the go, to see to do lists, to give and receive praise, and much more - then you need a WFM app.

The workplace is a constant state of flux. It’s always evolving. To manage your workforce effectively - and to ensure you're ready for the next generation of frontline workers - you need to evolve with it.

See how cutting-edge WFM tech can help you stay ahead of the game both now and into the future.

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