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How Swedish businesses in the UK are tackling the COVID-19

Last week, Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy in the UK organised a webinar to discuss the COVID-19 crisis and how Swedish companies have been affected.

With the COVID-19 outbreak sweeping the world, the global economy has slammed the breaks. For most companies with sales and production in the UK, the impact of COVID-19 has already been significant. Last week, Business Sweden together with the Swedish Embassy in the UK organised a webinar discussing the current crisis.

The webinar revolved around how Swedish companies have been affected, what measures are being taken, or considered, to mitigate the impact, and how this crisis has impacted long-term strategic planning for companies active in the UK. 

During the webinar, the participants heard from:

  • HE Torbjörn Sohlström, Ambassador of Sweden to the UK, gave an overview of the political and economic situation in the UK in the light of COVID-19 and Brexit. 
  • Lena Sellgren, Chief Economist, Business Sweden, shed light on the global economic outlook. 
  • Gustaf Bergström, Trade Commissioner to the UK and Ireland, Business Sweden, also shared his views on how Business Sweden can support during the crisis via their so-called ‘Corona Response Desk’.  

The speakers discussed the serious implications of this crisis, not only on people's health and healthcare services but also the significant impact on businesses and the economy. Some of the topics revolved around how businesses in the UK are handling the situation and what will happen when they start to re-open. Another topic that got a lot of attention was when there will be treatments available. 

The webinar also included a session where Swedish companies, with businesses in the UK, had the opportunity to share their perspectives. Along with participants from Volvo and Elanders, Daniel Holmberg, Quinyx Country Manager UK, shared his views and experiences. One thing Daniel draws attention to is the challenges that companies are facing in coordinating and communicating with essential and front-line staff throughout the crisis. 

He said:

“This challenge is exacerbated by the fact that these workers have not benefited from the collaboration tools that are used by desk-bound office workers. We often see that even within large organisations, communication around schedules comprises of phone calls, texts, or event Whatsapp and Facebook groups. A way of communication that gives little central oversight.”

For Daniel, it is clear, that in times like these the biggest challenge we are facing is within the way we communicate with each other and our workforce. But he also notes that it is within communication that he sees the biggest opportunities to ensure coming out of this crisis successfully.

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