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The Changing Nature of the Workforce & How It Affects You

Things like a good salary, clear career progression and great benefits are still important (of course!), but employees want - and expect - more.

Let’s pretend we’re in a game show. You’ve answered everything correctly, and now you have one final question left:

“What do you think most workers would prefer - a pay rise or a flexible schedule?”

It’s got to be a pay rise, hasn’t it?

While that answer might be true for the majority, 35% of the deskless workforce say that ISN’T the right answer. But how do we know? Because we surveyed 10,000 deskless workers.

The way we work and the nature of the workforce is ever-changing. And, because of the ongoing pandemic, these changes are accelerating.

Things like a good salary, clear career progression and great benefits are still important (of course!), but employees want - and expect - more. They want to be heard, they want to work for an organization that’s making a difference and they want their employer to care about their health and wellbeing.

As a leader, it’s easy to shrug their shoulders and say: “So what?” But look at it this way; employees who are happy are less likely to leave their job, more likely to provide a better service, have higher levels of engagement and have a stronger emotional connection to their work.

And that equals a more successful, profitable business, better results and employees who love their job.

Now, let’s look into how you can make that happen and also gain advantage over your competition:

Give them flexibility

Shift workers don't often have control of their schedules. This really affects their lives, making it hard to plan outside of work. For part time workers, the deskless workforce, or people working in the gig economy, it also makes it harder to coordinate working multiple jobs and calculating the different incomes (as their hours can fluctuate wildly). 

You can then say that workers are forced to choose between their personal lives and their jobs. Our survey backs this up - 57% say their personal care time suffers due to their work schedule.

Figures also showed that 29% have left a job because their employer did not provide schedules with enough advance notice, making it difficult for them to balance their work and personal life.

Your employees are desperate for more control and flexibility. They want the ability to be able to choose the shifts they work, easily switch shifts, and take on extra shifts if they need to. 

Not only do flexible schedules give you the ability to respond to unpredictable demand, they make your employees happier, lead to a more efficient business and, ultimately, ensure your customers receive a better service.

Use technology to create a better experience

Tech is today second nature to your employees. Millennials and Gen Z have been raised on a diet of all things tech. They run their lives through their smartphones and expect it to crossover into their work lives. But 43% say their employer doesn’t have a tool or mobile app that makes it easy to change shifts or switch them with colleagues. 

At Quinyx, our mobile app is used by more than 600,000 users each day. They use it to see when they are working next, but also to communicate with their colleagues and managers.

Their familiarity with mobile technology and expectations of being able to complete any task with their smartphone are all met. It makes their lives more simple, and allows them to focus on doing their job.

Put health and wellbeing first

Employers who manage their employees health and wellbeing successfully will reap the benefits of doing so. This covers everything from nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and even sleep. It also means creating an environment where employees enjoy spending time. 

And it’s needed because deskless workers are suffering. This is their reality:

  • 57% say their personal caretime suffers due to their work schedule
  • 37% feel pressured to take shifts they don’t want
  • 32% are unable to swap shifts with coworkers
  • 27% think asking for a scheduling change will be viewed negatively by the employer
  • 50% have noticed understaffing issues with 83% saying this makes work more stressful

The good news is these problems can easily be solved with a combination of a smart use of technology and prioritizing culture.


Understanding the needs of your staff, and how these needs change over time, helps you create a business where employees enjoy work. It’s through enjoying work that employees are able to perform to the best of their abilities and deliver results.

Quinyx has recently been recognised in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications.

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