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Top takeaways from WFM Day 2017 in Stockholm

The 2017 edition of our very own Workforce Management Day is being hailed as the best yet. Bringing together workforce management experts, inspiring ..

The 2017 edition of our very own Workforce Management Day is being hailed as the best yet.

Bringing together workforce management experts, inspiring speakers and a selection of our amazing customers, the day presents an opportunity for us to celebrate, learn and be inspired.


From smarter scheduling to significant cost savings, we help businesses across Europe revolutionise and optimise the way they operate while empowering their employees to enjoy work.

With a keynote from renowned speaker, Eric Thyrell, alongside talks from our Founder and CEO, Erik Fjellborg, and success stories from our customers, the day offered an unprecedented insight into workforce management and how to enjoy work.

Here’s what we learnt:

1. Dare to think big

This was one of the core threads running through the whole day. Daring to think big is something close to our hearts at Quinyx. Our mission to create a smiling workforce has seen us grow from a simple idea to 300,000 users, with 1 in 5 temps in all of Sweden using Quinyx.

Ranging from our inspiring speaker, Eric Thyrell, to the challenger in the supermarket industry Johannes Cullberg (with his company Paradiset Matmarknad - a Swedish "Wholefoods") and the healthcare challenger Kry (who set up the first digital health center in Sweden and are now transforming the whole industry!) the theme of WFM Day was to think big, act big and have the courage to do both with a smile.

2. Everything is digital

Being digital, being agile and being mobile is fuelling change, growth and success. Digitization has made it much easier to move from word to action and implement big ideas and thoughts. There are suddenly low entry barriers in old traditional markets, which opens up for new players to come in from the side, disrupt and put things at their fingertips.

Innovation is one of our cornerstones at Quinyx and in the WFM industry we’ve lead the way developing a mobile-first cloud-based solution because we’re passionate about digitization - and, above all, how it relates to tomorrow’s employees and managers.

One thing is sure - there is no turning back from digitalization. Every speaker, the panel discussions and the partner companies exhibiting were all using digitization as an enabler for the business - and that's the future.

3. Nurture your "happy wolf"

We all have the power to choose. And specifically we all have the power to choose what we focus on. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy; focussing on the positives brings us more happiness while focussing on the negatives can easily bring us down.

In his keynote, Eric Thyrell, used the example of two wolves that are always at your side; the negative wolf and the positive wolf. And then he painted some fun examples of people who you could recognize as either of the wolves.

Lesson learnt - life is much easier and more fun if you nurture your happy wolf :)

Alongside all this inspiration, WFM Day also saw us announce the winners of the 2017 WFM Awards.

Gekås, were the winner of Workforce Management Company of the year. The judges said:

“With its own team of competent Quinyx experts, Gekås continuously works to optimize its WFM process to create added value for both the company and its employees. They have applied WFM processes in all their different business areas.

“With many ideas and great dedication, they constantly drive the solution forward and see WFM as a key focus in their business. A great internal know-how and drive has made their journey very successful and a worthy winner of the year's Workforce Management Company 2017.”

While this year’s Scheduler of the Year was Max Ysberg of 3. The judges said:

“Max has, in record time, implemented a WFM solution through the entire store. By taking care of every part of the system, he has not only allowed all stores to schedule and adhere to all given guidelines, but through careful analysis, created a completely new way of optimizing scheduling to suit customer flows. Thanks to this, 3 has been able to reduce costs while at the same time strengthening customer experience.

“Max is a highly appreciated colleague whois there for his staff and always helps when he can. Through a clear structure, teaching practising and an enduring energy, he has challenged the organization on how to optimize the program and its use. With his great dedication and drive he is a true role model!”

We’ll soon be bringing you a special interview with Max so you can read all about his WFM journey - watch this space!

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