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Why HR needs to care about AI

You might be thinking, "HR...Human Resources. Why do we need AI there? In this blogpost we dive into the why.

It’s time to address the elephant in the conference room. You guessed it – in the second episode of the WFM show we’re talking about the juggernaut that is AI and its growing role in HR.

In conversation with guest speakers Carl Eidsgard from Fenix Minds and Magnus Friborg from Qrios, host Jack Pidgeon explores AI’s meteoric rise, its implications for the role of HR management in strategy, and why your organization needs to take a stance before it’s too late.


Get ahead or fall behind

Now that the dust is settling, people are seeing AI for what it really is: a tool that can help organizations be more efficient with virtually every process, from supply chain management to HR planning. The question to ask yourself is: how can the tech be adapted to something that will create value for your company?

One thing’s for sure: akin to the social media revolution and the internet revolution before that, your frontline workers are almost certainly using AI in their daily lives. Whether your organization embraces it or not, it’s essential to adopt a position and establish clear policies for its use. 

Gain deeper insights

AI dates back to the 1950s, but today’s AI landscape centers around the last two cycles: traditional machine learning developed in the mid-00s and current “next-gen” transformers like ChatGPT. 

Here’s where it gets interesting: unlike their predecessors, which relied on human input, transformers have a digital brain that handles tasks more or less automatically.

More importantly, transformers not only process information but also contextualize emotions. What does this look like in practice, you ask? To start, you could swap out clunky employee engagement surveys with AI to grasp employees’ true sentiments and improve engagement, retention, and overall organizational success. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, if you’re in the mindset that you’ve unsuccessfully tried AI for HR workforce planning in the past, don’t write it off just yet. Today, there’s a cost-effective, pre-trained AI model for practically every process.

AI for frontline workers = a win-win

As people increasingly prioritize purpose over paycheck, AI emerges as the answer. By automating mundane tasks, introducing AI assistants, or setting up an employee help desk, frontline workers gain more time to focus on the tasks that matter. The result? Happier, more fulfilled employees who are empowered to deliver better customer experiences. It’s a no-brainer. 


AI isn’t just a passing trend – it’s a game-changer organizations can’t afford to ignore. By embracing AI, you empower frontline workers to have and offer more fulfilling experiences while revolutionizing traditional HR practices with smarter insights.

Now’s the time to dive in – AI tools are accessible and ready to reshape the way you work. Don’t wait; make 2024 the year you lead the pack into a future powered by AI innovation. 


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