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Workforce Task Management

Great workforce task management optimizing your business on every level. It’s a mindset and a way of working which leads to better performance.

Great Workforce Management is optimizing your business on every level. It’s a mindset and a way of working which leads to improved productivity, better performance, and employees who enjoy work.

One of the key components of great workforce management is great task management. This is the art of being able to keep track of what is being done when it’s being done, and who is doing it. Not only does this benefit the end-user, giving them a clear, easy-to-understand list of the jobs they need to do each shift, it is also invaluable for managers, giving them a complete overview in real-time of what work is being completed.

Great task management at work goes beyond having an effective to-do list. It’s a way businesses can do everything from ensuring they are compliant to provide a better experience for their customers.

This is why…


Compliance is key when it comes to task management. In certain industries, like any involving the handling of food, there are set tasks that need to happen on a recurring basis. Not only do the tasks need to happen, but they also need to be recorded as being done. Inaccurate labeling of food, incorrect storage of food, and food being sold past its sell-by-date all carry significant risks for businesses. This is why they need a robust way of managing the tasks associated with them in order to reduce their margin for error. From a health and safety perspective, the same is true on construction sites, across the healthcare sector, and in bars and restaurants.

Historical data

As mentioned previously, it isn’t just the completion of the task that’s important, it is also being able to see when it was done, and who by, that counts. It’s also of huge importance to businesses to be able to record this data, store it and easily search within it, something that is laborious and intensive when being done with pen and paper. With Quinyx Task Management, it’s easy to check when the task was completed and see the time-stamp associated with it making life much easier and more productive for managers.


For big brands with multiple sites delivering a consistent experience is key. Fast food outlets pride themselves on providing the same level of service and product the world over. Gyms with multiple sites want to ensure each one aspires to reach the same standard and ensure the customer experience is the same in each location. These industries typically see a larger number of part-time workers and their challenge is to keep the quality high in regular tasks. Each task is broken down into sub-tasks within Quinyx Task Management, giving employees an easy, step-by-step guide with visual aids to follow for everything from opening the store to cleaning the restrooms. The best thing about this is every employee can see their tasks through the Quinyx app and are able to time-stamp them once they are complete.

Optimal performance

Like all elements of good workforce management, task management helps managers and business owners make smarter choices when it comes to running their company. When Quinyx Task Management is combined with the full suite of Quinyx Workforce Management products it creates a hugely powerful platform for businesses, all connected through the same app.

Better and more effective task management is the perfect way to begin optimizing your business and improving your efficiency. If it’s new to you, the trick is to start out small and think of the workload perspective on a team and individual level. Make sure you delegate well and don’t put all the tasks on one person, this will make it easier for those in positions of responsibility to track what has been done.


Task management is for you if…

  • Your business needs to be compliant and adhere to set rules and regulations.
  • You have a transient workforce with a large number of part-time employees and want to keep your quality high.
  • You need to keep a record of what tasks have been completed when they were completed, and who completed them.
  • You want to make it easy for your employees to carry out regular tasks.
  • You want to improve the performance of your business and make smarter decisions.

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