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Employee engagement crisis costing companies $7 trillion

A global crisis in employee engagement is costing companies $7 trillion in productivity*. Figures from Gallup found an actively disengaged employee ..
by Laurie Pace

A global crisis in employee engagement is costing companies $7 trillion in productivity*. Figures from Gallup found an actively disengaged employee costs their organization 34% of their annual salary and, with only 15% of employees describing themselves as being actively engaged at work, the cost for businesses is spiraling out of control.

To help fight the ongoing crisis, market-leading workforce management software company, Quinyx, has launched a new module to empower businesses in service industries to transform and revolutionize their employee engagement.

Employee engagement sits at the heart of productivity and profitability,” says Quinyx Founder & CEO, Erik Fjellborg. “Organizations with better employee engagement have lower staff turnover, reduce rates of absenteeism, higher earnings per share and, as a result of being happy at work, their employees also enjoy a wide range of health and wellbeing benefits.

“Employee engagement has been one of our priorities since 2005, when we launched our first product, to 2011, when our first mobile app was released, right the way through to today. We’ve always taken pride in being ahead of the competition in this regard and are excited to release these new features which we hope will help companies around the world unlock the potential of true employee engagement.

The module, which comes as an add-on to Quinyx’ cloud-based workforce management software, includes the ability for businesses to quickly survey their workforce on any topic they choose, such as asking their employees how they are feeling, what they think about a new policy, what theme they would like the next team building to take - and so on. 

Alongside this, businesses will also be able to give their employees the ability to recognize and reward their peers with virtual badges including Super Colleague, Problem Solver and Always on Time.   

Fjellborg adds: “Live feedback from their workforce will help businesses drive engagement across their whole organization. What’s more, there’s no need for employees to have to download additional business apps on to their private phones as everything is managed through the workforce management app they are already using.”

It’s never been more important for employers in the service sector to do all they can to attract, engage and retain employees. Our mission is to create a better life for millions of people by improving their work lives. We want to see happy employees, happy customers, and happy businesses - this extension to our offering is the next step in helping us achieve this.

*According to State of the Global Workplace report.


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